Google Sheets Smart Fill: Autocomplete Data Entry

Google has always been known for such amazing products and provisions that it has released into the market over the years. Its user friendly attribute is definitely one of the major reasons for its growing popularity. Today, we have come up with the Smart Fill feature that is recently available on the Google sheets and is definitely going amazing in the market among the users. You can use Smart Fill for any task that includes extracting the first name of a person to get the exact name of the individual corresponding to the search report. Not just this, it also helped the users to find a particular value from a list of data, thereby making the whole job easier than it ever was!

The basic highlights of Smart Fill include:

  • Smart Fill on Google Sheets made data entry quicker than it was earlier
  • This particular tool helped the users detect and learn patterns, as well as, help them autocomplete the data
  • Smart Fill will be on for default for different users on the Sheets which is way helpful for them to track the data once they are rolled out
  • Google Sheets Gets Smart Fill Feature is an amazing tool to help in autocompleting Data Entry
Smart Fill on Google Sheets also help in making data entry quicker and less prone to error
The Smart Fill feature from Google incorporated in the Google Sheets is particularly meant to let the spreadsheet application detect and learn the patterns that are there in between the columns which in turn helps in auto completing the data entry procedure. The tech giants even said that the Smart Fill feature will help the users to make data entry faster and it will also ensure that the entries are less prone to errors. This feature is great to be used for tasks such as extracting the first name of a person, and thus, being able to find values in a table accordingly. Smart Fill is a default provision for the users, wherein the feature has began rolling out for all the users who are dealing with the Rapid Release schedule and then other users would also be getting this feature from 5th November onwards.
Google has recently announced this smart feature in one of its recent post wherein said that the Smart Fill feature is going to make data entry on Google sheet way easier and quicker, similar to the way Smart Compose helps the users to write faster, and thus, make lesser mistakes. One can have a column full of names and you may be looking for an option so that you can split the names based on the first name and the another holding just the last name. Besides, you can also use it to look for patterns as well as generate the corresponding formula to it so that you can autocomplete the remaining columns all by yourself without having to put any extra effort into it.

Smart Fill uses data from Knowledge graph of Google

The data that Google uses in a sheet is basically being taken into count by Google from its Knowledge graph. This simply means that it can use the public data in order to complete a form holding the list of countries in respect to the cities mentioned therein.

G Suite re-branded as Google Workspace

Smart Fill makes use of the people directory of a company so as to autocomplete the list of data. It makes use of the organization’s only data so as to fill in the email addresses for the employees of the company. This feature is confined to the Enterprise Plus Customers, and according to our sources, we got to know that this attribute will be available for all businesses, enterprise, education, non profit as well as personal Google account users. Recently, Google had launched the Sheets Smart Cleanup which makes use of similar intelligence program to prepare and analyze the data and thus, prepare a report accordingly.

How can you use the Smart Fill feature?

Now that you have got to know why would the users want to work with this particular feature and the major benefits of the same, let’s hear out the ways through which you can use it at ease. The Smart Feature is basically a available on the Google Sheet by default. In case you are looking forward to use this feature, all you will have to do is to open a spreadsheet in the Google Sheets and thus, enter the data. Mac users will have to press ⌘ + Shift + Y keys. On the other hand, the Windows/Chromebook users will need to press Ctrl + Shift + Y keys. Just click on a cell and you will be able to see the formula that is being used to get the corresponding value. At the same time, you will need to know that this extended feature will take a bit more time to roll out!

How can you turn off the Smart Fill feature?

You have learnt about how to utilise this feature, now you will have to see how you can turn off this particular feature. In order to do, you will just have to follow a few simple and basic steps. At first, you will have to open a spreadsheet in the Google Sheets and then you will have to click on Tools > deselect Enable autocomplete.
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