Google Meet shall limit video call duration to 1 hour span : Starting from September 30

It is only since this pandemic coming into the picture that we had been using Zoom and Google Meet so much, particularly for the fact that Work From Home has become a mandate these days. Remote video calling has become immensely popular among anyone and everyone that we see no escape to it. Whatsoever, so far, we have been using Google Meet at free of cost, and now it has become a concern for almost all of us. Well, this free deal will last only till the last date of this month, and you can keep enjoying the service of Google Meet and get through its stunning features only if you are paying for the same. Certainly, you will have to go on paying from now on wards if you are looking forward to avail all these features any further, as you are just left with 2 more days for this free access to expire!
Google had declared that the office oriented platform will be available by default to all the users who own a Gmail account. Through this particular category, one will be able to enjoy unlimited video calling. However, this is not the scenario any longer for the free users for the platform has fixed the limit of 60 minutes or 1 hour for every call. This rule is supposed to be levied on every user from 30th September, 2020 on wards. Also, there was another facility through which the host of a meeting was eligible to add up to 100 participants over a single call. Things are being said to get back to the normal all over again, as they used to be prior to the extension was made. This means that students, teachers, recruiters, job seekers or even the working professionals will have to pay a fee if they are looking forward to avail these extended services on Google Meet. It is to note that the entire services accessibility does not require you to pay. It is just that you will have to pay a fee only if you are looking forward to avail the service beyond the limitations that Meet has posed on its free users.

Extended access to G Suite ends on 30th September : Google Meet Updates

Other than the limit on the call duration, Google has also revealed that Meet is going to freeze the extended access to its advanced features that it has earlier offered for G Suite for the Education customers. This accessibility is also going to expire by 30th of September 2020 itself. Well, in order to access all these features now on wards, the users will have to pay for the enterprise level of G Suite. However, talking about the uncompromising level of service that Google offers, the fee that it has raised is certainly not huge, but is definitely going to be a matter of concern for quite a mass of people all across the world. So far, only 1 particular plan is revealed by Google and we are not sure if there is any annual fee or other substitute plans available on the same!

Google Meet levied $ 25 to avail services

As reported, the cost of fee will be 25 dollars which is roughly around ₹ 1800 according to Indian Rupee, per month. Alongside, Google has pushed a shortcut of meet on Gmail which means that a user can directly access or arrange the meeting in just a few taps. This free extension was incorporated by Google amidst this pandemic situation, so as to adapt to the trend of conducting remote video conferences, thereby competing with Zoom. Well, we are still waiting to hear any update, and we shall get back to you as soon as we hear anything further!
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