Google Meet: Added with various features to hold meetings

Google has always been serving us with the best of products, and here is yet another from Google, popularly being known as the “Google Meet.” Google Meet is basically a video communication service from Google. However, with video conferencing being the new way of holding meetings, the users are calling out for different specifications which led Google come up with advanced features. Google Meet offers a provision wherein up to 100 participants can go on a single call at a time. It is quite more flexible and holds greater features than the earlier video chat apps such as Duo and Hangouts. Previously, Google had announced that the host would be able to conduct 24 hours of meeting at absolute no cost. Some of the other interesting features of this app is that it allows you to schedule your meeting based on your convenience at a later as well as help you share your screen which is extremely useful while you are giving a presentation.
Google Meet
Certainly, the filtered images and the background preferences are some of the most significant demands that most of the users seem to be placing forward. Here are a few from Google:

Google announced Meet Hardware bundle for conference rooms

Since videoconferencing has become a new mandate ever since the Covid 19 situation has turned up, Google has come up with Google Meet software that is solely designed for conference rooms and not for the homes. This new Series One Hardware from Google made in partnership with Lenovo comes with a 12 MP smart camera and a 20.3 MP smart camera XL for bigger conference rooms. The best thing about this particular device is that it is capable of framing the participants in a meeting even without using facial recognition. It even comprises of a 2.5 inches smart audio bar woofer, and one-inch tweeter along with eight beam forming microphones that would be capable of processing up to 44 channels simultaneously.
Google Meet
The best thing about this hardware is that it comes with a “True voice” feature that can filter sounds of typing and other noises from the background. The entire setup is enabled by the Chrome OS based “Meet Compute system” that helps in processing the video and audio during meetings. Also, it controls the meetings with q 10.1 touchscreen, a rechargeable remote control and it also comes with Google Assistant for hands free meet control provisions. According to our sources, the quoted statement from Google goes like: “Seeing more people at the same time can improve the dynamics of larger group meetings and classes. Whether it’s seeing everyone’s reactions to what’s being discussed, or more easily tracking multiple speakers, it can help virtual meetings feel more like in-person meetings and encourage participation.”

Google Meet: A 49 person grid view with blurred background

With Google Meet growing up to be the new era, Google seeks to be launching another feature to blue the background wherein you can see up to 49 people simultaneously in one screen. The number is set up to 9 in Auto layout and that of 16 in the Tiled one. One can easily change the layout from the “Change layout” panel by clicking onto the “Tiles” slider right from there. Background blur is yet another feature from Google Meet. You can access this option by simply clicking on the icon that is added recently in the right bottom corner of your screen. You can set it prior to starting a call. You can even alter it from the Settings menu later on. Stay tuned and definitely, Google will come up with more such enhanced features to ensure that your meetings go hassle free even during the crisis.
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