Global Coronavirus pandemic is not slowing the Global Sports Academy group to plan for the fall launch of sports.


We are sure that the global pandemic has stopped many things around us, but it doesn’t even seem to slow down the preparations for the fall’s Prince Albert program by the Global Sports Academy group.

What is the Prince Albert Program all about:

It is a first of kind program for the student-athletes to earn credits while they can practice and learn simultaneously. It was initially slated for the Hockey players who can train during the part of the day and attend the classes for the rest of the day. It has been a great success in Alberta. The program is designed to help student-athletes reach their dreams and academic goals while earning academic credits for participation the sports.

In the words of the Mark Maloney, CEO of Global Sports Academy Group: “It allows athletes to be able to, during the day, pursues their passion in sports

How it is been implemented:

The program is deeply integrated with the timetable of these student-athletes, and it became a one-course option to reach their dire goals.

What the vision going forward:

The vision of the program is to grow in multi folds for other sports and art forms including the current program of Hockey.

The plan for the program was for 15-20 student batch initially, one for boys and one for girls, but due to uncertainty spread because of COVID-19 worldwide, it’s even hard to reach that number as the will not be any regular class plans for any foreseeable future without a proper vaccination or cure.


Hence, the Global Sports Academy group had to make a mixed group of close to 20 students by now, with the expectation of growing it further in numbers.

The major blockades:

It is not only about the return to school for these students which is in big question right now, but also the plan for the minor hockey in the fall season.

According to the Saskatchewan Hockey Association:

Practice and Tryouts are being allowed now, however, there is no set timeline to start the actual games. It will take some more time for a clear understanding of the situation by the public authorities and then they can provide clear directives for what to do and when to do like questions.

The other hindrance in the growth of a concept like this is the unfamiliarity of it between the people. It will take certain gestational time to settle-in with other sports academies.

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