Gayle Sayers: Chicago Bears Hall of Famer Breathed his Last at 77


The authentic player of Chicago Bears, Gayle Sayers passed away at the age of 77. Running back to the past recalls that his injury shortened introduced him as the youngest player in the Pro Football hall of fame, died because of a lasting health fall that includes Dementia. The news of his death was announced by the Pro Football Hall on Wednesday morning.

Gale Sayers

Sayers was named as Kansas Comet during his ongoing career, and was very popular for being an exclusive ball career ever.

What Kind of Impact Gayle Sayers Made on his Sports Career?

In 1997, when Sayers was presented for Hall of Fame announcement, founder of the Chicago Bears George Halas said, if anyone wants to see a perfect player as a running back then nothing can match up to the glory of Gayle Sayers. He was a impeccable star of motion and a player like him will never be seen in the future again.

His ability to show dynamism in running really helped him to gather all the recognitions in each and every match among all his five seasons. This fact even left his teammates, coaches and audience wondered that what he had developed in himself for football so that he continued his career even after 1971, with a lot of knee injuries.

Johnny Morris, a teammate of Sayers for three consecutive seasons in the mid-1960s says, it might be Jim Brown or O.J. Simpson who would chose Walter Payton as a running back for a whole season and for a single match he would obviously selected Gayle Sayers every morning back. He had a mania of being in the air where he would swing his leg and land down in a different direction and this is the best effort he could give in a game.

His Glory of Fame

Sayers have rushed around 4956 yards and scored 56 touchdowns, being a 4 times Pro Bowler and listed as no. 4 in the list of top 100 Bears players of all time and fifth on the team’s list. His name was also mentioned in the NFL 100 All-Time Team last year.

Sayers have been quoted while saying for the Hall of Fame, He had his own different style of running and when runs through and hit a player on the ground he used to put a little strength because when he loses his balance, he could easily knocked him out.

Sayers glorified 9435 all time yards and ranks fourth in Bears history just after Payton and running back Matt Forte  and return specialist Devin Hester. He once have told to NFL Films that only 18 inches of daylight is required for him.

Gale Eugene Sayers was born on 30th may on 1943, in Wichita and he was flourished in Omaha. His football career was started at Omaha Central High School. He had been stated for his record of 24 feet long jump. He became two time All-American in Football in Kansas.

In 1965 draft he was selected at No. 4 by the Bears. Most importantly, it was the only place left after the future Hall of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus of the Bears, All-American out of Illinois

Halas wrote in his autobiography that  both of the players had unusual running abilities. He also said he had never seen someone with Gayle’s agility and hardly seen someone to catch Sayers from behind. Butkus was a bow-legged and he came up with knee injuries from high school and college. Both had different talents and rare abilities covered up with desire, courage and spirit.

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