Gandhi Jayanti 2020: IMA honors 515 doctors who died in Covid 19

On the eve of 2nd October, 2020 and it is a national holiday for all of us, working in both the private and public sector, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. This day is marked as the birth anniversary of the “Father of our nation,” Mahatma Gandhi and is thus, regarded as a tribute to this great man. On this 151st birth anniversary of Gandhiji, we pay a salute to this man for all that he did for the sake of our nation. Mahatma Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869, in Porbandar, Gujarat and his contributions to the freedom fight was immense. Not just that he had been famous in India, but abroad as well.
gandhi jayanti
Thus, people usually celebrate his birth anniversary every year by offering prayers and observing different kinds of commemorative events. People also observe various kinds of cultural events as well, particularly in the local institutions, and in the schools and colleges. This time, even though the schools and other institutions remained closed, the celebration led another route this time which was to honor the sacrifices of the healthcare workers to the society.

IMA honors 515 doctors on Gandhi Jayanti

The Indian Medical association or IMA has homored 515 doctors on Friday which was the eve of Gandhi Jayanti. The association released a poster that content all the names of the 515 doctors along with their respective photographs, out of which 492 were males while 23 doctors were females. Certainly, their sacrifice to the society was huge as they died while treating the Covid 19 patients in this situation. This poster is nothing but is published to pay a tribute to all those martyred doctors on the 151st birth anniversary of Gandhiji. The poster reads, “The government does not have data on doctors who died due to Covid-19, but they managed to procure the data on the deaths of NRIs. You see where their (government) priority is!”

2425 doctors infected till September

Other than this, the IMA has also released the fact that approximately 2425 doctors were infected by this Corona virus until September. Among them, there were 1215 practicing doctors, while 849 were resident doctors and 361 were house surgeons. The association has also released that most of the fatalities among the doctors were observed in between the age of 50-60 while the majority were from the age group above 60 years. It further revealed that the least fatality was noted among the doctors under the age of 35 years. IMA President, Rajan Sharma in a public release said, “It is unfortunate that the government hails us as Covid warriors but fails to do the minimum, that is to acknowledge the warriors who have sacrificed their lives while treating patients suffering from the deadly virus.” Rajan even said, “If they have doubts over our records, they can simply ask us to verify. We would do so. However, outrightly rejecting our data is a dishonour to the entire doctors’ community.”
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