Full moon October 2020: All you need to know!

Today is 1st October and it is a Full moon October 2020 day. It is also being regarded as the Harvest moon, or the Travel moon. Several other names of this full moon is Sanguine moon or the Blood moon, the Reunion festival moon, the Tsukimi moon or the Chuseok moon. Full moon October 2020 on the very first day of the month appeared opposite to the Sun, as per the Earth-baser longitude at time 5.05 PM EDT.
full moon october 2020
The full moon will remain in the sky for around three days and as per the estimations, it would be there from Wednesday morning to that of Saturday morning. The full moon, being so close to the autumnal equinox is thus, also known as the Harvest moon. Usually, the Harvest moon starts in the month of September but this year, it has fallen in the month of October.

Two full moons in the month of October

October 2020 is going to have two full moons, wherein the first full moon will be on 1st of October while the second one will be on the last day of the last day of the month, that is, on 31st of October. This full moon relates to the harvest festival named as the Chuseok in Korea and the Koreans usually leave their towns during this festival and move to their traditional hometowns. This festival basically corresponds to the tradition of the Japanese wherein they tend to offer sweet potatoes and thus, the name Tsukimi which means “potato harvest moon.”

Full moon October 2020 according to Indian culture

India has always been a firm believer of the celestial bodies and thus, the full moon has a great significance in the festival too. This full moon basically takes place in the end of the seasonal monsoon downpour. The Buddhists usually call it as the Pavarana, or the end of Vassa. This term typically means “Buddhist lent” or the “Rains Retreat.” People, particularly in the villages are quite superstitious of this full moon as they believe that a large future of their occupation is dependent on this.
This is also referred as Vap Poya in Sri Lanka and is also known as the Boun Sung Huea or the boat racing festival in different places. This is also known as the Month of Robes. As per the Hebrew calendar, this full moon usually starts during the very beginning of the Sukkoth holiday which is basically a 7 day holiday that’s tied to the 15th day of the Tishrei, that is the lunar month. Sukkoth is also regarded as the Feast of Ingathering or the Feast of Tabernacles. Sukkoth this year will be starting during the sunset tomorrow, that is on 2nd of October, 2020.
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