Free Apple TV+ shows in-flight entertainment Offered by American Airlines offering


    Do you get bored easily on your flight? Do you need some entertainment to pass your time? Apple TV+ now has your back! Recently, Apple partnered with American Airlines, and now, the airline is offering Apple TV+ streaming free. You can enjoy in-flight entertainment and pass your time watching popular shows. If you don’t believe us, then check the tweet below.

    Which shows will be available on Apple TV+?

    Apple is partnering with American Airlines to entertain the flyers during the travel hours. Moreover, they can stream the shows on any American Airlines flight in the US only. Besides, the customers can use it for free without any WiFi purchase. Previously, when Apple first collaborated with American Airlines, domestic flyers needed to have Apple Music subscription to enjoy the free service.

    Free Apple TV+ shows in-flight entertainment Offered by American Airlines offering

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    But now, TV+ provides free shows onboard for the flyers without any subscription. You only need the AA app on your mobile, or tablet to watch the shows. Or else, you can visit on your laptop. However, only a few seasons will be available on the entertainment systems of the planes. Currently, the company is screening The Morning Show, Defending Jacob, and Dickinson. But customers can only watch the first two episodes during their flight.

    Apple TV+ will offer more shows and add new lists of series every few months. You can find a full list of completed and in work shows on the Apple TV+ content guide. Apple is promoting its streaming service through this method. This way, customers will get hooked to the original shows during their flight, and later on, they will want to watch more of it. In the end, they will decide to subscribe to Apple TV+ and finish the show.

    The process seems to be lengthy, but the results will surely be fruitful. We will update you if we find any information about new shows on in-flight entertainment.

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