Former NFL player Joe Montana: I would have taken an opt-out of the game during Pandemic.


    Let’s get to know who is Joe Montana:

    Joseph Clifford Montana Jr. AKA Joe Montana was a National Football League (NFL) football player who mostly played as a quarterback. Joe Montana majorly played for San Francisco 49ers with 14 seasons and Kansas City Chiefs. Montana has earned a lot of popularity in his career with the NFL. He is the first player ever who is named Super Bowl most valuable player almost 3 times starting 1990, while he had won the super bowl 4 times in his career.

    Joe Montana commented on College Football league:

    Recently in an interview, Joe Montana commented that if he would have been playing as an active player, he would have opted out of college football season 2020. As per the announcements, Big 12 will move forward with its college football season, the decision is left of the players to face the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether players want to be in the field or opt-out for safety concerns will remain a question till the season ends successfully.

    In an interview with the USA Today Sports, Joe Montana has told that for him, he would have gone for the safety first. Because coronavirus is not just a flue or a cold, instead it is a killing machine that is taking away the lives of thousands and thousands of people, not just one or two. The difficulty with this is that players want to return to the field while knowing the health risk that comes with this deadly virus outbreak.

    He thinks that somebody would make the right decision for the players. If he would have been the player and wanted to play, someone should have taken care of him and would have made the right decision for him.

    After multiple conferences, Big 10 and Pac-12 have been canceled or postponed their fall sports of 2020 season by the College Football Association. After Mid-American Conference and Mount West conference, other leagues have been canceled at the same time as well.

    Yet the Big-12 is holding on to the grounds, hoping that this year fall season will happen, players are hoping and getting ready for the same. The official decisions from ACC and SEC are yet to come.

    According to the NCAA board, Student-Athletes can opt-out from the fall season 2020 without losing this year’s scholarship. Because of the pandemic situation, the professional league players have also given the option to opt-out from games. NFL has also released their players with a stipend of 150,000 Dollar salary in advance and their contract will stretch up to 2021 season. Players who get affected by Covid-19 during NFL 2020 league will be paid a stipend of 350,000 dollars with contract extensions.

    We can conclude that:

    In the current situation of Covid-19, the authorities should be aware of the danger of the virus. Hope they will take the right decision for the safety of the students. Students’ futures will be bright when they are safe. Please stay connected with us for more updates and stay safe, stay at home.

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