Football’s most explosive bust-ups EVER including Roy Keane’s infamous World Cup expulsion:


Here is an interesting story about the most explosive bust-up between the players, clubs and managers in the Football world.

You must be wondering if there is ever any conflict in any football team, their manager or the Club, and you have guessed it right.

There are numerous occasions when it happens just like the kids do while playing any game in childhood, only the magnitude is different, it becomes high-profile when it happens in International Football Clubs. 

There are a few examples of these high-profile clashes:

When Darren Bent wanted to leave Spurs, he went on a rant about Daniel Levi, Tottenham Chairman in 2009, Tottenham on issues with his transfer which later happened at £ 16.5 million and Darren has apologised for his action against Daniel.

During a bust-up, Craig Bellamy has been threatened to be knocked out by Graeme Souness in 2004, Newcastle.

In 2002 at the Republic of Ireland, Roy Keane has busted up on unpreparedness of the team for the World Cup that year with Manager McCarthy. It was all over the news and got very famous in no time. 

Football’s most explosive bust-ups EVER including Roy Keane’s infamous World Cup expulsion

The issue was over travel arrangements, strategy, diet and Manager Mick McCarthy’s improper tactics, for which both clashed at the training base in Saipan. Keane also shared his decision to leave the club soon after the incident.

West Brom’s Saido Berahina in 2015 went very unhappy with the chairman Jeremy Peace after his planned transfer has been failed. The fight was over Twitter when Saido has declared that he will never play under Jeremy Peace. Saido’s 4 transfer bids to Tottenham have been rejected and he was fined for his comments against Chairman Jeremy. And he had to play for West Brom until his transfer to Stoke in 2017.

In 2005-06 Ashley Cole has a rough phase with the board of Arsenal on Weekly pay-outs which he heard as £ 55,000-per-week from his agent

It was the same time when he was around at his peak performance and he wanted more money for his plays. Ashley also tried to make a deal with Chelsea for a possible move in 2005, for which The England International was been fined £100,000 by the Premier League, as it was all done behind the backs of Arsenal Board.

So to conclude: There are numerous incidents which suggest that its quite common to have bust-ups in the football world which can go to any length including financial issues and majorly cost the team or the player for his momentous anger. Some of these incidents are really fought over the right cause but many of them are for just ego satisfactions.

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