Floor Is Lava Season 2: Why Sequel Is Imminent?


    Thriller series Floor is Lava has created a devoted fan base around the world within a few months of its premiere. If you are among those people, who like reality games, then this show is definitely for you. Continue scrolling to find out new updates about its sequel.

    What is the show about?

    The game show has one main rule, and that is to avoid the floor at any cost. The players need to keep a distance from the floor, and play this game without stumbling or bumbling! If you haven’t watched the show yet, then you should give it a try. Check out the audience’s response to the show in their tweets below.

    Will Netflix release the Gaming Series Floor Is Lava Season 2?

    Netflix dropped the game show filled with an adrenaline rush on June 19, 2020. If you are familiar with Floor is Lava, the popular trend on social media, then you already know what the show is all about. It’s an easy game, avoid the floor, and win the show!

    The show is not as simple as it seems, the players have to pass through all the stages to win the game. Besides, the winner can take a whopping amount of 10,000 USD. The show just launched two months back, so it is too early to find any details about season 2.

    Even Netflix has not updated us about its season 2. So their renewal status is still pending. But there is a high chance of another season. Also, the show can be revived at any second because it is a game show, which doesn’t require any plot. For now, you can have a glance at the crazy games below that the participants have to go through to win the money.

    Season 2 is also possible because the first season received a good response from the audience. Looking at the positive reviews from the audience, the new season is imminent. It might also help Netflix to bring more seasons in the future. Currently, we haven’t received any green light from the makers.

    Fans will have to hold on a bit longer for their favorite series to get renewed. Moreover, Netflix always takes a lot of time to launch a new season, so keep asking for a new season because you never know when the streaming service might notice you, and revive this spine-chiller series. If it gets renewed, then it will probably drop on Netflix in mid-2021.


    Have you discovered the show for the first time? Do you want to know whether to stream it or skip it? Our answer would be to go on and stream it because nothing is better than a thriller show with mind-blowing games. This genre is popular too.So, hurry up and watch the show now!

    And revisit us because we will keep you posted with more updates about game shows like the Floor is Lava.

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