FAU players are comfortable playing this football season as C-USA has been reportedly planning to play the big game.


There were multiple times FBS conferences took place and they repeatedly put their norms on postponing their fall sport this season. Conference USA reported that they are planning to go ahead with this season and FAU players show their interested and desire for the same. 

What is going on in sports organisations:

Though Old Dominion announced that they have cancelled season 2020 fall sports due to the coronavirus pandemic situation, C-USA plans to play football in this fall and everything will remain same. They have just reported the news last Monday evening. 

The report just came one day prior when Big-Ten and Pac-12 postponed their sports. After the third and fourth conference of FBS took place they have reported on Tuesday afternoon that they will hold this Big-Ten and Pac-12 and will continue to play for the spring season.

FAU players are comfortable playing this football season as C-USA has been reportedly planning to play the big game.

What is the famous Hashtag for Play:

FAU quarterback player Nick Tronti has commented in an interview that It must be a difficult decision for everyone, but the players want to play. As long as, the players are tuned with the safety measure and take care of every protocol then there should not be a big problem. With Nick Tronti comments, every player of the country has started posting it in twitter this week #WeWantToPlay, “Don’t take away what we love”.

FAU has started with its fall camp last Wednesday and 7 days of practice has been already completed by now. Players are trying to take precautions by themselves and even praised the precautionary measures involved with the programmed. Still, some players were opting out the season 2020 due to the pandemic situation. 

They were concerned about the health and security of their family and themselves. 

With this, Another Quarterback Justin Agner commented that they don’t know till now the long term effect of the virus. Since they are kids, parents are going to be a concern for them. Some will encourage their kids to play and some will not.

The world is now like this and we have to accept it as it is. But he wants to play as it is his last year in Florida Atlantic University no matter what will happen next to him or the world.

This Year NCAA has also allowed Student-Athletes to opt-out from this season who doesn’t eager to participate considering the situation and they will not lose their scholarship. NCAA will help spring seasons where the athletes will apply for their eligibility for the scholarship again.

Let’s Conclude with a positive note:

As of now, we can only hope that the games will go smoothly and there will be zero outbreak in the coming season. Still, if they are get contacted with the virus, there will be a proper precautionary measure planned for the players by the respective organisations.

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