Facebook removes fake accounts: political discourse

Recently, a move showed up wherein a pro-Trump group that was known by the name of, “Turning point action,” was violating the rules of Facebook. It was paying the teenagers across the world to post supportive messages, which was against the norms of Facebook. Recently, the platform has removed the total of 276 accounts, that have been using fake profiles in order to pose in the form of right leaning Americans. These accounts vary when commenting on different news articles that were in favour of the President Donald Trump. Not just this, FB had even announced that it is permanently banning an Arizona based digital communications firm that is being suspected to stay behind the fake accounts.
This is needless to mention that the social media has become a hub for people to post anything and everything. Not only this, the people are also using this platform to post so many things that are consequently violating the norms of the platform. Both the Twitter and Facebook have been removing fake accounts from the platform in turn, that regards to both the domestic and foreign accounts, particularly the ones that are trying to insert themselves in the US political discourse. Also, they seem to be influencing the election that is going to be upheld. The social media companies tend to face quite a lot of threats regarding misinformation and also, in regards to voter suppression.

Facebook removed accounts that influenced political issues and then went dormant

Different accounts on Facebook were active at the time of 2018 midterm elections, and then, they went dormant by the month of June. These fake accounts began posting on various topics, even the ones that were related to the Covid 19 pandemic. Also, there were accounts that posted issues related to the criticism of the Democratic party along with its nominee, Joe Biden – the former vice president and also to ignite various issues that were related to the praise of Trump and different other Republicans. Here’s an example of a Facebook post that read, “So sick of democrats continuing to make republicans look bad! It makes me tired of politics and I just believe Republicans are much more humble when it comes to money because Democrats will do anything to screw over Americans?”

Truth behind the fake accounts on Facebook and Twitter

The individuals behind these fake accounts usually are the ones who use stock photos in order to create fake profiles. Facebook’s automated detection software has removed quite a lot of them. Facebook has even declared that these accounts were actually being coordinated by an Arizona based firm, named as the Rally Forge. As per the statement received from the organisation, Facebook’s investigation has cited the work of Rally Forge on behalf of Turning Point USA, an independent political action Committee much after the action was already performed and it went out of hands. Whatsoever, this action would probably a message to all those agencies and fake account creators!
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