Explained: How North American sports teams have historically misappropriated Native American culture.


It’s quite debated topic now for the Americans over the misuse of names, symbols and imagery of Native Americans, by the different Sports teams. However, due to the continues efforts by activists in the last few years, has forced these professional sports teams to rethink on how these things seem to be offensive, culturally.

There were a 78-page-long thesis submitted on the entire outlook of this subject in Aug 2016 by Geraud Blanks, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, by the Title: “Skin in the Game: Providing Redress for American Sports’ Appropriation of Native American Iconography”

Want to read more: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/4766/8d8c56730f6815153531aa764cc7d77a4635.pdf

As per the research and social sciences, these mascots and images are just not for entertainment but are very important symbols and representations with deeper psychological and social effects. As per the research done on 115 professional organisations, the use of Native American names or symbols by non-native sports teams are a form of ethnic stereotyping that promotes hate, misunderstanding and prejudice faced by Natives.

Explained: How North American sports teams have historically misappropriated Native
American culture.

As per the defenders of the movement, The intention is to honour Natives by referring to positive traits like the fighting spirit, strength, brave, stoic, dedicated, and proud. While the opponents counter this as these traits are being based on stereotypes of Natives as savages.

So now due to this stir-up, many teams are forced to change their names, logos and mascots. Like over a week ago, the Washington Redskins has to drop their team name, it will be temporarily called as Washington Football team, until they come up with a new name.

The term “Redskins” was used as a racist slur against Native Americans for years. As per the researchers, this kind of imagery creates offensive stereotypes and misrepresentation of Native culture.

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