Dune Delays: Tenet grossed 10 million dollars especting Wonder Woman 1984 

    Tenet made a gross of approximately just 10 million dollars right in its opening weekend. The industry could finally get a hint that the Wonder Woman 1984 would be up by 2nd of October and thus, the momentum would get going! However, not just that the Wonder Woman 1984 will be delayed, but Denis Villenueuve’s Dune would probably come by 18th of December this year. Dune has recently released a trailer on 8th September and since then, the fans have become curious to know when it is going to come up. No release date has been announced so far!
    Both Tenet as well as Wonder Woman 1984 cost somewhat near to 200 million dollars in terms of production, prior to that of marketing. Blade Runner 2049 was 150 million dollars and any delay in their releases might not be enough to justify the survival of the theaters. The top two markets when it comes to the industry are none other than the one in Los Angeles and New York and they have not guaranteed the reopening of the theaters before October yet!

    Recent reports published about Tenet and Dune

    Recent report witnessed that Tenet opened to $20.2 million during its first North American weekends warmers had announced it at the end of the first weekend in the US. Warmers didn’t break down the 20.2 million dollars total in its three days of sneak previews follows by an additional nine days span in Canada and Labor Day too! Labor Day, however, seems to bring in another 2.5 million dollars. Weekends usually resemble lower grosses and on addition to it, more than 25% of the population in North America could not see this film.
    Definitely, the Covid 19 situations have made things worse than ever. Had all the theaters been opened, we could expect the gross  to go somewhere close to 30 million dollars. A representative for Warner Bros talked about Dune in the latest release wherever he mentioned that the circumstances and the environment are expected to improve in the coming weeks. However, there is still no assurance whether or not all the markets are going to open. The theaters would probably reduce the seating limitations, but things might improve a bit in the days to come!

    Ishaan Khatter playing Timothee’s role: Re-imagining Dune 2020 Bollywood version

    Dune 2020 is a sci-fi movie directed by Denis Villeneuve. It has an astounding cast with a plot revolving around a man named Leto Atreides. It also deals about a drug that is capable of inducing superhuman potentials in an individual, as well as can extend human life. Now, the Bollywood version takes in Ishaan Khatter in Timothee’s role along with other actor like Anupam Kher in some other role.
    The theatrical release model is still under threat, and Warner’s anticipated decision would not appreciate the delayed re-openings of the theaters. Whatsoever, we expect the exhibition landscape to restore a sense of normalcy really soon. We are hoping for good news to pop up soon!
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