Disney is launching a new Star-branded streaming service internationally


    Disney is planning to launch a new Star-branded streaming platform globally next year. The announcement came right after Disney crossed 60 million Disney Plus subscribers internationally, and 100 million subscribers overall to its various streaming services. Keep reading to find more details about the new streaming service.

    Disney is launching a new streaming service

    Sources reveal that Disney will launch a new star-branded streaming service worldwide in 2021. CEO Bob Chapek revealed that the streaming platform would have a Star brand name. However, he didn’t reveal much about the service, including its prices, and in which countries it will launch.

    But he stated that the platform would have content from FX, ABC, Searchlight, 20th Century Studios, as well as Freeform. Unlike general entertainment streaming platform Hulu, Star won’t include licensed content. We can expect more details to be announced in the upcoming months, which will reveal the company’s plans for Star, Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus.

    Why is Disney launching a new streaming service worldwide instead of Hulu?

    Chapek said that they want to use the same strategy they used for Disney Plus. So they are planning to bring the content which they own under the international platform named Star. He also explained why they didn’t choose Hulu and opted for a new service. They didn’t expand Hulu to the international market because their new Disney owned platform will provide only Disney owned content.

    Unlike Hulu, their Star brand has already established a name overseas. Besides, Hulu is only famous in the U.S. And Disney Stars Studio is a huge brand compared to Hulu. When Disney acquired Indian entertainment streaming platform Hotstar in 2019, they changed the name to Disney Plus HotStar. Besides, Star is called Disney’s Star India, where Star has already become an international brand name.

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    We have no clue whether Hulu will launch internationally, or Star will replace it. We will have to wait for Disney to answer our queries officially. Stay tuned for further updates.

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