Disney chooses to give Mulan a pricey release on Disney+


    Recently, Disney announced that it would be dropping at least one of their Covid-19 outbreak delayed films on their streaming platform. It revealed that live-action film Mulan would be the first-ever VOD release. However, it won’t be available for free. Watch the official trailer of Mulan below.

    What is the cost of the live-action remake Mulan?

    According to our research, Mulan was speculated to release in March 2020 but got delayed due to the pandemic. The theaters were, closed and the premiere of Mulan was interrupted. Fans were sad because they were anticipatedly waiting for the film to hit the theaters.

    In the past few months, Disney has either shuffled the content into a new streaming service or announced it was getting a staggered release or stated that it was getting a delayed launch date. We all saw these three examples, but fans are surprised that it is not only releasing Mulan on Disney Plus but also charging for the film. Check the announcement of Variety on Twitter below.


    The price of Live-action film Mulan will be $30 to watch on the streaming service. The new subscribers will have to pay for the film along with the subscription fee. Disney CEO Bob Chapek clearly stated that they are aiming to get more revenue from the film by releasing it on Disney Plus. They want to bring this live-action movie to a large audience who are unable to visit movie theaters.

    Are Mulan fans happy with Disney’s decision?

    Some fans are arguing that if Mulan wasn’t releasing theatrically, then the streaming service should have released it without adding any extra charges to it. We believe the company is trying to earn profit through its platform.

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