Diana Rigg passes away at the age of 82 years

Recently, another death story buzzed the internet with Diana Rigg passing away at the age of 82 years. She has been a recipient of the Tony, BAFTA and Emmy awards during her career. Certainly, she has been an extremely talented and versatile actor and her death has brought sorrow to the industry. It was nearly about 6 months that Diana Rigg was diagnosed with cancer. On Thursday, the sources gave a confirmation about her death after her agent has confirmed about the same. Different stars, both on stage and off stage were seen to pay a tribute to this most amazing lady. She has been an award winning British actress and we still remember how she rose to fame during the TV series back in the 1960s.
Diana Rigg
Definitely, the Avengers and the Game of Thrones were some of the popular works of this forever young actress. Her agent, Simon Bresford said in a statement that she had a peaceful death at home while she had her family by her side. Simon in the statement had said that Dame Diana has forever loved her work and she was quite happy in her profession. She loved her work as well as her fellow actors quite deeply. Rachael Stirling, Diana Rigg’s daughter had said that her mother spent the last few months reflecting on her past life, her works, and she was quite proud about her profession. Her last days were filled with love and laughter. Furthermore, she added, “I will miss her beyond words.”

Diana Rigg: Extraordinary works

Diana Rigg had worked at the Royal Shakespeare company (RSC) post completing her classical training at the Britain’s prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Her high kicking action role became a symbol of the newly found power of women during her Sixties, and that has certainly made her win an international profile with a legion of admirers. Her amazing characters and the way she played all of them finally made her reach the peak of success and that’s how she became one of the leading actresses in Britain. The theater and opera director, Jonathan Kent added, “Diana Rigg’s combination of force of personality, beauty, courage and sheer emotional power, made her a great classical actress – one of an astonishing generation of British stage performers.” It was even said, “Her dazzling wit and that inimitable voice made her an unforgettable leading figure in British theatre.”
Diana Rigg
Diana Rigg got immensely popular after her role as Olenna Tyrell in the Game of Thrones series. Not just this, other film roles of her career included the 1995 comedy drama “A Good man in Africa” and the biographical drama, “Breathe” from 2017. Tom Stoppard used to call her talent as “luminous” and definitely her demise would make everyone miss her down the line. Her smile would be missed but all, but she would forever remain within us in our hearts. Looking at her work, she will always be remembered and we would count her as one of our inspirations.
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