Details about the Masked Singer, Who is Dragon and other related concerns

    Everyone seems to be curious to know who is the Dragon on the Masked Singer. Well, today we are here to guide you through all the details about the recent contestant who did go back to home in the 4th season of this singing competition. The Masked Singer, a singing reality show has been receiving quite a lot of attention from its viewers recently. The recent elimination finally revealed the dragon of the show, while a lot of people are still wondering to know more about the same.

    Who is Dragon on the Masked Singer?

    Post The Dragon’s eviction, we got to know that The Masked Singer was Busta Rhymes. Rhymes was a hit rapper and producer who made quite a good amount of fame back during the 90s and the early 20s. Whatsoever, Rhymes was originally known by the name of Trevor George Smith Jr, and he has got a past record of working with Charlie Brown. He was not just a rapper, but also a record executive, a record producer and has got a pretty amount of experience in the industry as an actor as well. His eccentric fashion sense is yet another reason for which people seem to be curious and attractive at the same time!
    masked singer
    Some of his works include Genesis, It ain’t safe no more, Anarchy, The Big Bang and more. In a recent interview, Rhymes had revealed that the concept of being in a mask appeared to be really alluring to him, and thus, he decided to participate in the show at the very first place. He further revealed that the production was pretty impressive and professional to him. He even added on to him saying that he used to be a fan of this show and also watched it with his fans for the past three seasons. Certainly, Busta was the first one to get eliminated in the fourth season of The Masked Singer. As per the interview of Busta, he stated that the reality show is being filmed in Hollywood maintaining all the protocols of safety without any compromise.

    Busta Rhymes return: Is there any possibility?

    In the exclusive interview with Busta Rhymes, he stated that he would be coming up with an album soon. The album, Extinction level Event 2: The Wrath of God will be serving in the production stage, according to the rapper. He further said that he would definitely not want to miss to come back to the show all over again, if he is given with an opportunity!
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