Denver Nuggets Surprised Los Angeles Clippers in Nuggets Vs Clippers Match


Nuggets Vs Clippers match was full of excitement where Denver Nuggets have eliminated Los Angeles Clippers in the playoffs by a 3-1 super exciting win and made their way to the finals.

Five years ago on western conference semifinals Doc rivers led Los Angeles Clippers with a 3-1 lead and reached the semifinals but they were not able to held up themselves in the game and get kicked out from the playoffs by Houston Rockets and James Harden and failed to reach the western finals for the first time.

Denver Nuggets

However, in 2020 time has been changed, Denver nuggets were largely trailed by 19 points before settling up their mind to enter the game 7. Okay, does that sound bit familiar? just because its the same amount of deficit that had been overcame by the Houston Rockets in 2015. According to an ESPN research this was the only largest victory since 1997 with a chance to take over a conference final berth.

Flashback of the 2015 Victory

The 5 feet 9 inch Josh Smith was the only hero, when Houston Rockets overcame the deficit in game 6. J-Smoove was also the name attached with that victory, scored 14 points very nicely during the fourth quarter. That finalized the score of 40-15; clearing off the clippers from the game. Rockets have acquired a lead of 21 points Smith’s fourth-quarter minutes. Clippers’ fans in the home arena at Staples remained with total silence.

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin had been leading the Clippers in 2015. So many faces from their lineup have been changed since then. on the other hand Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have featured the new 2020 lineup. head coach Doc Rivers remain same and have been informed about it by smith on Instagram.

Later on Wednesday smith said, they have seen this movie before with attaching a picture of himself from the game 6. In fact he have wrote the script. Smith also included the hashtags of “Bye Doc” and “The 3-1 Bum” on Instagram. Smith-Clippers saga have conveniently forgotten about a fact that after 2 months of game 6, he had been signed to Doc Rivers and to Clippers as a free agent. But smith’s anticipation did not worked out well while being in the Los Angeles. So that Los Angeles Clippers traded him back to the rockets.

With an average around 14 minutes and 28 points per game in the prior season in 2015-16 with the Clippers. That amazing experience may have led smith to spit out the bitter taste when it comes to Rivers.

34 year old Smith have not played a single game of NBA since 2017-18 session. But he profoundly stare at the watches and whenever he found the chance he opened his mouth in the Clipper’s shortcomings from the game 7 on Tuesday night.

The Match Summary

Nuggets were arguably the best team in basketball When they have got good Jamal Murray. The audience have got the glimpses of Murray when did he break his funk to score 9 of 13 from the field in game 6. But more efficiency was needed for the nuggets to win the game 7. Some loudness was needed, can Murray recover an another injury and score 20-25 shot attempts in the game 7? Fortunately Nuggets can expect some aggression from the Clippers at the core area.


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