Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich calling off their engagement

    The popular singer-actor, Demi Lovato and Max Enrich had called off their engagement post 2 months of togetherness. Certainly, this news has created a huge buzz all along the internet. Lovato along with her former fiance, Max have finally parted their ways. We got to hear about it recently and everyone wants to know more about the news. We have witnessed the couple several times on social media, and certainly, they looked just stunning together. We were expecting certainly a lot from the duo.
    Demi lovato
    However, it is sad to declare that they would probably not be together anymore! It is definitely a heart break for all the fans of Lovato, isn’t it? Well, now you must be wondering that from whom did we get to hear this news! Let me tell you that we actually got to know it from one of the closest people of Lovato. However, the relation of that person or her name is not known to anyone. We are still not aware of it, and the anonymity is being maintained to address the sensitivity of the matter. The two departed on each other’s ways, thereby announcing their engagement on Instagram in the month of July. The picture that went viral on Demi Lovato’s social media handle revealed a picture of the two kissing on the beach.

    More details about Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich

    Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich have begun dating this year itself. Lovato, who was only 28 years old had been really successful in her career. She did release a good number of gold and platinum albums. There were several singles too! Her breakthrough role was on Disney channel’s TV film Camp Rock. She played quite a few good deals this year as well, thereby performing for the national anthem at the Super Bowl and has also sung at the Grammys. She was reported to be overdosed back in the month of July in 2018. She has been focusing on the recovery and that’s when she seemed to be taking a break from her public life.
    Demi Lovato Max Ehrich
    On the other hand, Max Ehrich, whom we are talking about here, is a 29 years old lad. He is certainly another genius and had earned multiple Daytime Emmy nominations for his work in the Restless, and The Young. He has appeared on different TV shows and films for multiple times, and has also released music. We have heard a lot about Lovato and has even witnessed her complaining about her struggles with self mutilation, an eating disorder, and also with drugs and alcohol. We have witnessed her celebrating her six years of sobriety only during the month of March in the year 2018. Whatsoever, she did finally reveal a relapse in the month of June, 2018 which was quite prominent through her song, “Sober.”

    Is the couple coming back?

    It is certainly heartbreaking to hear that Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich are no longer together. We are expecting to see the duo come along the big screen. Whatsoever, at present, the News of their separation is still not confirmed. We are wishing if the truth behind the news gets revealed any time sooner. Also, we are wishing if the couple actually comes back together, all over again. Indeed, we would live the see two together hanging around the beaches, and tuning the music pouring their hearts out! Nevertheless, we would love to see the two, and if you are looking forward to hear more about them, stay tuned!
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