Death Note 2: Netflix Sequal Updates You Shouldn’t Miss


    Various popular mangas have a brilliant storyline that got adapted in numerous series or films. Death note is one of them. It also has an animated series with the same name, but the film gained more audience’s love on Netflix

    Now, Death Note fans are wondering whether there will be a sequel season on Netflix. Here we have listed what we know so far about the movie sequel.

    Will there be a sequel of the Death Note?

    Netflix’s Death Note is based on the infamous manga with the same name. Various rumors are flying around that there will be a Death Note Sequel. Also, some leaks reveal that the sequel is on its way, and it is still under the pre-production stage. 

    Fans are hoping for these speculations to be true. They want the story to continue in the second part as there was no story after the end of Light Yagami. 

    Unfortunately, Netflix has not given any official confirmation about the sequel yet, but fans are speculating that there will be a new part of the film. However, the upcoming movie is still under consideration. 

    Also, director Adam Wingard has a lot on his plate now and is currently busy with other projects like 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong. Recently, he also said that he would be directing Netflix’s I Saw the Devil.


    As of now, it is very hard for us to predict the launch date for Death Note Sequel, which has not been announced yet by the streaming service. Besides, neither Netflix nor the crew of the film has given any affirmation about the flick yet. 

    But we can assume that the movie will probably release in the fall of 2022 or 2023.

    As you can see the entire crew is busy with other projects, it won’t be an easy job to produce the sequel in one year. 

    Also, the Covid-19 pandemic has become a huge barrier for all the films and shows. It has paused all the stages of production, and we have no idea when this situation becomes better.

    Is there any teaser or trailer of the Death Note Sequel out yet?

    Unfortunately, there is no trailer released by the streaming giant because the possibility of the sequel is nothing but just speculations. But you can watch the trailer for the Death Note 1 below.

    Expected Storyline of Death Note 2

    In the second part of the film, Death Note fans will witness something new, which they never read in its manga series. 

    They will also see what will happen next after Light Yagami’s death because Ryuk is free. He will probably search for another person to hold power over the death note

    Moreover, this drama is an endless cycle and will never end until Shinigami Ryuk goes back to his world. Plus, he is the sole owner of the book.


    Considering all the aspects seriously, we don’t think the film will be out before 2021. We will inform you if the project gets green light from the creators. 

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