David Blaine Ascension: David Blaine Went out to Fly Above the Arizona Desert


David Blaine Ascension took place so much up from the ground level! Renowned Magician has attempted one of his wildest stunts ever on Wednesday with the help of a bundle of balloons over the desert Arizona, this is what captured by a live stream on YouTube.

Blaine have inspired himself by his incredible idea, to be grabbed onto balloons and fly up higher in the sky. On wednesday morning, Blaine has strapped himself to a bunch of balloons and went up as high as he could. Blaine hoped if he could ascend to the height of the Mount Everest which is 29000 ft. before coming back to the ground.

How did the Ascension Begin?

The 47 years old magician have partnered with YouTube Originals for the featuring of dubbed “Ascension”. The Idea of this show was inspired by Blaine’s desire to do something for his 9 years old daughter Dessa, child with his former partner, French model AlizĂ©e Guinochet. His daughter was introduced in “David Blaine:The Magic Way” a april special show where she had shown magic skills of her own.

Before preparing for the ascension, Blaine had to become a licensed pilot and gone through all the procedures to fly a balloon properly. And he had also learned the all the skills to become a good sky diver also, making plenty of quality jumps earlier this month. Blaine had planned to start his ascension from The New York city, but the announcement that is made earlier this week says the destination had been shifted to Arizona because of the safety reasons.

Blaine’s ascension did not have a stable starting, as the flying was completely depended on the wind conditions. However, the live stream of the ascension has already begun.

Here’s How to Watch the Live Stream of David Blaine’s Ascension

You have to click the link below to get the access to watch the live stream of David Blaine’s ascension.

The Helium Filled Balloons used for the ascension on wednesday were ticked out and was able to be controlled remotely, as needed much. Each and every balloon was made up of fiberglass carried a parachute and oxygen. The apparatus was also allowed for the stunts to get filmed. At an exact altitude of 25000 ft. Blaine ejected himself from the balloons and parachuted towards the ground. A skydiving expert Luke Aikins look after the risks of Hypoxia(lower oxygen levels in tissue), packing of the oxygen and landing.

Blaine said, this is the most what he have ever prepared for any stunt before. He have shared a video on instagram to show, in previous stunts he was buried underground for a week, stood at the top of a 100 ft. long piller for 35 hours and lived with 44 of fasting inside of a Plexiglas box. This video shows his preparation before the ascension like getting a pro skydiver rating, perusing a hot air balloon license in addition to the learning how to read winds.


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