Cowboys QB Dak Prescott got compound ankle fracture

Cowboys Quarterback, Dak Prescott got a serious compound ankle feature and he was boarded right from the field. Tears kept rolling down his face, and the ambulance was ready as he was put into it. Dak Prescott was taken to a local hospital on an urgent basis and according to the reports that we have received so far, he is scheduled to go through a surgery yesterday night. He got this dislocation in his ankle that resulted to the compound ankle fracture during his win against the Giants.
Dak Prescott
It took place during the third quarter as Dak scrambled 9 yards away while he was tangling hard with the Giants defensive back Logan Ryan. He got a very severe injury in return.

Stadium went into a shock as Dak Prescott got the injury while the match was on

Dak Prescott got the injury and his right leg turned out. He remained seated, all in agony, and fell near the left sideline of the red zone. The entire stadium got into shock as the players tried hard to discover his injury. Draft classmate and running back Ezekiel Elliott said, “It’s tough .” He added on to it saying, “You see how durable he’s been throughout his whole career, and how tough. It sucks to see a warrior go down like that.” Prior to the surgery and before he was took into the hospital, Dak Prescott went through a sterile dressing right on the ground. His wound was washed to make sure that he is offered with the immediate first aid before he could be treated professionally by the experts. Giants coordinator, Jason Garrett who has been the coach of Dak Prescott for the first four years of the QB and Mike McCarthy, Cowboys coach did express their remorse.

A look at Dak Prescott’s career

The Falls signed Andy Dalton in May while replacing Dak. The Cowboys did go up to 2-3 under the supervision of McCarthy and thus, made a provision for itself to seize the first position in a weak NFC East. However, the celebration got down because of this sudden incident leading to a gruesome injury to Prescott. McCarthy said, “I feel terrible for him.” He further added, “He’s clearly the leader of this football team. I have no doubt that he’ll bounce back from this. This will be just a part of his great story. This will be just another chapter of his great story.” Dak Prescott became the first among the Cowboys QB to catch a receiving touchdown in a span of 30+ years. Dak could not sign a long term deal with the Dallas during the off season, but he only signed only once for a year in the year 2020, thereby guaranteeing a 31.4 million dollars franchise tag. The opening of 2020 was made by the Cowboys at 1-3 and Dak became the first QB in the history of NFL to throw for 450 yards in 3 straight games.
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