Constitution day: Vehicles adorned with flags and other related news

On the special occasion of the Constitution day, we came across different vehicles that were adorned with slogans and patriotic flags. Certainly, this created a huge buzz all across the internet and everyone seems to be curious about the way that the vehicles were headed from Washington City to that of Santa Clara on Thursday evening. This happened on the occasion of the Constitution day. This is addressed to remember the sacrifices of all those great souls who didn’t mind giving up their lives at the cost of bringing law and order in the state.
constitution day
This day is basically marked as the anniversary of the initial signing of the US Constitution in Philadelphia in the year 1787. This event is marked as ‘tactical parade’ and it witnessed quite a large number of jeeps, pickup trucks and military vehicles. More than 80 vehicles seemed to be participating in the procession and it did leave Veterans Park in the Washington at around 6.30 PM.

Ignorance about the Constitution day keeps on growing over the years: says Mark Franke

Constitution day is celebrated on 17th of September by the act of Congress and it is thought that this day will finally be highlighted by the schools wherein the teachers would probably take the initiative to teach the kids about the history of the Constitution and how it came into practice. Also, it is being thought about the fact that at least the students in schools will now be learning about this vulnerable document and the philosophy of this day on this event. Franke says that ignorance and apathy about this particular day seems to be growing and the fact that there is a philosophical disputation about whether the Constitution is a ‘living’ document that is subject to reinterpretation or it is just a ‘timeless’ writing that has got nothing but just words that mean quite similar to the one that was highlighted during the year 1787.

Constitution day and the 19th Amendment

The last edition of the USD conversations were held online on 17th of September, 2020 at the University of San Diego’s college of Arts and Sciences. The series is basically a routine opportunity for the alumni, faculty and the friends to share their insights on recent events and themes. Constitution day and the 19th Amendment put forward the reasons that relates to the amendment playing a vital role in an year of election. It was the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment this year and thus, the conversation bent towards the protection of women for their constitutional right to vote. The USD school of law held a panel discussion on Zoom wherein they talked about the women’s right to vote. The best thing about this event is that it was made open to the public, and thus, the USD faculty, all the undergraduate, administrators and the graduate as well as law students were eligible to come up and put forward their opinions in the discussion.
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