Columbus Day 2020: What’s open and What’s closed?

The second Monday in the month of October is regarded as the Columbus Day 2020 every year across the friends groups in America. During this day, they usually celebrate a three-day weekend at a stretch following the Saturday and Sunday of the week. It is marked as a federal US holiday and Columbus Day is meant to commemorate the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America in the year 1492. Ever since 1970s, this day has been duped into a lot of controversies and even a huge mass has been asking to name this annual holiday as the “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” Quite a few states, cities and municipalities today call this day by that name.
columbus day 2020
Well, today we are going to inform you about all that is going to stay open and the ones that would remain closed on the occasion of Columbus Day 2020. Read on…

Businesses and organizations may have varying working hours

Since Columbus Day 2020 is marked as a federal holiday, several business houses and organizations shall remain open but they would have varying working hours. It may also vary ever since the Covid 19 pandemic has got into the picture. Also, be informed that it also depends on the branches and their schedules. Whatsoever, Trader Joe’s shall stay open. However, the government offices and the post offices shall be closed, so make sure that you either get your need addressed before, or else you will have to wait for the next day till it opens up!

Banks may stay opened on Columbus Day 2020

Columbus day 2020, often regarded in the other names as the Native Americans’ Day or Indigenous People’s not celebrated across all the states. While some state celebrate this occasion, the others do not! Although this day is marked as one of the 10 US Federal holidays, there are still several banks in different states that remain open and function during the normal operational hours. However, there could be some issue with transactions processing as the operation might be carried out with a portion of staff and not having everyone else’s presence. Retail sales are being observed on Columbus Day 2020. The occasion of Columbus day have the postal offices off, but there are a plenty of retail stores that stay open as usual, and even a lot of them offer sales and offers on the purchase of goods.

How is Columbus Day 2020 celebrated?

Columbus day is celebrated with great pomp and glow particularly in the New York wherein a huge parade is organized by the members of the communities. Also, the Italian American population hold festivals on this occasion and they carry out this celebration by conducting a feast, over some music and dance. It is solely upon the communities and the way they want to celebrate the day, and thus, they go on hosting this day accordingly.
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