Clifford Robinson, Former UConn and Portland Trail blazers star, dies at 53


Clifford Robinson, the fromer UConn star who stellated  his career at Uconn in the year 1980, carried out long time in NBA career and worked hard to redefine the conduction of a big man in the Basketball game. Passed away in Portland early morning on Saturday. at the time of death his age was just 53.

Jim Calhoun from UConn, who have coached him said, “Cliff was, ‘Uncle Cliff'” “He really overcame an awful lot to become something special for the school, for the program and for himself”

Clifford Robinson

How did Clifford Robinson Die?

According to the reporter Claudine Ewing, Clifford’s family have confirmed his passing to WGRZ-TV in Buffalo. Robinson, who have gone through a brain hemorrhage and recovered in 2017, possibly died from a stroke; lying into coma since the beginning of this week. His coach Calhoun said that he was sent to his home when nothing more could be done to him in the hospital.

Robinson’s Early Life and Sports Career

From riverside high near Buffalo, Robinson appeared to UConn in 1985 to play instead of Dom Perno, who had been fired after that session. Robinson was inherited by Calhoun, and he nicely adapted to the change in coaching and helped huskies to Win the NIT championship occurred in 1988. That particular Program’s first ice-breaking moment at the national stage, and was setting the way to their future entry.

Calhoun said, he remembered his first conversation with cliff. Cliff had averaged five points as a fresher player but he had great talent inside him. And Calhoun said, two things could be happen with Cliff, either he would be kicked off by him or he would have a great career in NBA someday and cliff opted for the second one and for that Calhoun gave him great credit.

Calhoun Also said, Cliff had great passion and he drove himself from middle second round to an All-Star. In that particular time the only thing they needed was the legitimacy. And promises and hopes were great things, but to get players was a seeing thing for them. The huge thing that Cliff have done to them was that, whenever they needed him he was always there. Calhoun also mentioned that he Was a great Story of UCOnn.

Cliff Robinson nba

Robinson performed a victory dance what he had called the “Uncle Cliffy” during the playoffs in 1992. And that nickname stucked with him forever.

Former Husky and current CCSU coach Donyell Marshall said, Uncle Cliffy taught him all he needed to know for being stretch 4 in the NBA through his tweet.

Asa player Robinson was a pioneer of the modern stretch 4 and a power froward, who had added a different dimension in the history of perimeter shooting. During his retirement, he was the only tallest player who had 1000 3-point goals in the league, a milestone now occupied by  Dirk Nowitzki. In NBA Robinson have averaged 14.2 points, 4.6 rebounds and 2.2 assists in account to 1380 games.

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