China Sanctions 11 Us Politicians, Heads Of Organizations


As per Zhao Lijian, Deputy Director of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Information Department,11 U.S Politicians and Heads of Organizations had performed badly on the issue of Honk Kong, where China eradicated the opposition voices concerning the implementation of a National Security Law in the Southern Chinese city last month.

Concerning the same China announced unspecified sanctions against 11 U.S. politicians and heads of organizations promoting democratic causes. The announcement was made on Monday and the names include Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who have already been put out on a travel ban by Beijing last month.

Travel ban was enforced on both after U.S sanctioned several Chinese officials for alleged human right abuses towards Muslim minority groups in Xinjiang province.

China Sanctions 11 Us Politicians

Apparently the number of Hong Kong and Chinese officials placed on a sanction list by U.S after the last week eradication matches equally to the number of Americans named by Chinese Ministry. With the raid in newsroom and the subsequent arrest of leading independent media tycoon Jimmy Lai, his sons and seven others under national security law, China has given a clear depiction that they won’t consider any pressure at all.[irp]

In a statement given by foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian he mentioned that actions taken by U.S have apparently intervened in Hong Kong affairs and have obstructed China’s internal affairs too. It is claimed by China that U.S has violated international laws and ground rules of international relations too. With that China also made mentioned “China urges US to have clear understanding of the situation, correct mistakes, and immediately stop interfering in China’s internal affairs.”

Tom Cotton, a United States senator from Arkansas had been sanctioned for defending the victims of Communist Party rule, which also included Hong Kong students fighting for democracy.

Tom stated that “Chinese Communism is the most dangerous threat to the freedom in the world, and I will never back down from fighting it.” Apart from Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz the list of senators sanctioned by Chinese ministry include Derek Mitchell the President for National Democratic Institute, Daniel Twining the President of International Republican Institute, Kenneth Roth the Human Rights Watch Executive Director, Carl Gershman the President for National Endowment for Democracy , and Michael Abramowitz the President of Freedom House.

The anti-government protests last year in Beijing were considered by ministry as a provocation by foreign forces. Following the violent protests “The Standing committee” of China’s legislature passed the National Security Law last month that surpassed the city Legislative Council and the public.


Tensions between U.S and China is slowly intensifying, which is now evident in trade, media, defense, technology and diplomacy. The actions and reactions by both sides continue to escalate day by day. The increasing denunciation between both the superpowers is ought to put world at a very unstable position.

Although the current situation is most likely of a cold war between the two however on the other hand both have extensively co-related economic engagements which might work positively.[irp]

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