Breaking News: Manchester City has been really DUMPED out of the Champions League at quarter-finals, Once Again!


Pep Guardiola is known as one of the best coaches in the world. Still, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City has been dumped out of the Championship League at the quarter-finals against Lyon in Lisbon. 

Pep Guardiola was all set to play against one of his former clubs Bayern Munich but Lyon spoiled everything by defeating the Manchester City club with a victorious score of 3-1 on this Sunday in quarter-finals. Lyon has made history by entering in the semi-final for the 2nd time. 

The marvellous goals from Lyon’s substitute Moussa Dembele in the 79th and 87th minute has sent Lyon to its 1st semi-final almost after 10 years of gap. They will be playing against Bayern Munich.

Breaking News: Manchester City has been really DUMPED out of the Champions League at quarter-finals, Once Again!

The performance of both the team:

Lyon has performed from the beginning. The 1st goal by Maxwell Cornet from Lyon side in the first 24th minute. Then the next goal was by Manchester City player Kevin De Bruyne in the 69th minute which restored the hope of Manchester city till then. But as the player, Moussa Dembele came from the bench, he has tremendously performed until he defeated Manchester city. 

And as it says history repeat sometimes, after 10 years of gap Lyon and Bayern Munich will be seen together in the league again. In 2010 Bayern Munich has defeated, Lyon by 3-0 and after almost 10 years they are highly interested to face the team again.

But for Manchester City, it was a saddened moment. As per Guardiola’s for years he was in charge of the City and has gone through defeats in its third quarter-final. With the mistake from own team members City has lost a lifetime’s opportunity with the League. Marcelo has tried to defend a lot from Manchester city’s side. 

Manchester City has put its countable players on the bench at the wrong time, it seems. Phil Foden, Bernardo Silva, Riyad Mahrez and David Silva were all put in the bench. It was quite obvious why the team could not perform up to the mark

There were many changes that happened recently in the team regarding its players. Though many decisions were yet to make the hope of winning now its gone. Manchester City could have taken chances in winning the quarter-final. But it is what it is now.

Even on Saturday, Bayern Munich has defeated Barcelona by 8-2 was quite surprising to all of us. 

This time Premier League is going to make new history it seems. Please stay in touch with us for more amazing news like this. Stay safe and rocking.

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