Breaking News: Juventus F.C. has sacked their former coach and Appointed Andrea Pirlo.


As we all know that Juventus F.C is a strong team with headstrong players like Christian Ronaldo and Argentine under their belt. But in the last sessions of this season, Juventus was performing very poorly. They were struggling with many issues that were seen in their performance. And due to the poor performance, They had to sack their former coach Maurizio Sarri.

Initially, as per the reports, it was presumed that ex Juventus players and the current coach of Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane could be chosen for the role of coach. Even there was speculation that the Italy boss Roberto Mancini would be chosen but instead, however the club has chosen Andrea Pirlo which made a much to the surprise incoming to all of the media and the team.

On Saturday afternoon, Juventus has unveiled the news of Appointing their new coach Andrea Pirlo on a 2 years deal with the club. Just 9 days before appointment in senior team Pirlo was appointed as Juventus under-23 coach in the last week of July.

Why Andrea Pirlo?

Andrea Pirlo had led a very legendary life as a midfielder. He has won 2 Championships league and he too played in World Cup 2006 where his team was the winner. He played for 4 Years with Juventus F.C and won many league titles for himself and the team.

Andrea Pirlo’s successful career has led him to such an esteemed position in the Club. The club has a firm belief that their new coach will take the team to more hights. The team has never relied on Sarri due to teams lessening performance. Now it is a tough task for Andrea Pirlo to prove himself to be a worthy coach on the new position.

If we have to conclude here: The team is already a world fame level team. Getting good results from the entire team is considered to be the masterstroke of the coach who is training the team. For Andrea Pirlo, it is the very first time to showcase his skills as a full-fledged coach of a team that already houses many big shot players. Now is the time Andrea Pirlo’s real test begins. And we have to wait a little more to see how the team performs under his umbrella.

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