Blockchain in Media and Entertainment Market will grow from 2020 to 2026


    Blockchains has numerous applications that can transform the media and entertainment industry. Being connected with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin has so much to offer to numerous industries.

    However, blockchain is still under development, but if it is put to correct use, then it can be quite useful for media and entertainment companies. It can disrupt how content is created, combined, distributed, and consumed.

    The Global blockchain now offers to analyze and identify the new trends along with challenges, opportunities, major drivers, and entry strategies for numerous companies.

    It is complete research that offers data regarding advertising, media, entertainment, trends, market size, growth, capacity, cost structure, revenue, as well as, forecast 2026.

    Moreover, it also includes the overall analysis of Blockchain in Advertising, Media, and Entertainment Market share.

    Also, it will assess and investigate the growing business sector and the effects of coronavirus on Blockchain in the Media, Entertainment, and Advertising market.

    According to the research, the global blockchain is estimated to reach 64 million dollars in the next six years (2026) from 43 million dollars in 2020 at a Compound annual growth rate of 46 percent from 2021-26.

    The main players or vendors of the blockchain market are IBM, SAP, AWS, Infosys, Factom, ARK, Nyiax, Microsoft, Accenture, Oracle, Bitfury, Guardtime, Auxesis Group, Iprodoos, BTL, Decent, Bloq, Metax, Voise, Brainbot Technologies, Clearcoin, Synereo and Bigchaindb. Moreover, the market segment is divided into Large Enterprises, Medium-Sized Enterprises, as well as Small Enterprises. The market segment by countries or regions is North America, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan, and India.

    Effects of Covid-19 in the Media, Entertainment and Advertising market

    Coronavirus has spread around a hundred countries across the world. It has affected various business and blockchain in 2020. It has also affected the global economy in three different ways such as creating supply chains and market disruption, affecting production and demand, and financial impact on firms and financial markets. Due to the pandemic, restaurants, and hotels closed, flight cancellations, lockdowns, stock market volatility, pause in the supply chain, and uncertainty about the future.

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    We will get back to you soon with more recent updates about Blockchain in the Media and entertainment market.

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