Ben Fritz’ experience in his first horror feature film ‘Survival Guide’


    The new horror Survival Guide film chronicles around 6 kids who go on a backpacking trip into the deep woods. Soon, their camping adventure turns into a magical fight and struggle to survive. They start suspecting that their counselors might be witches, who have brought them to the woods to perform some ritual.

    The movie looks pretty exciting, but we believe the real fun may have taken place at the actual spot and behind the scenes. Ben Fritz has created his first ultra-low-budget horror/thriller feature film with some new young actors. The movie was shot in the woods of southern Wisconsin.

    Ben Fritz' experience in his first horror feature film 'Survival Guide'

    Survival Guide Premiere Date

    Survival Guide is written and directed by Ben Fritz himself. The upcoming thriller-horror film is more of a fun throwback to films from the 1980s genre. It will be premiered on Friday at 9 p.m. as part of Madison Mallards’ “Duck Pond Drive-In” series. All the cast and crew of the film will be present at the launch.

    However, Survival Guide got its world premiere at the Beloit International Film Festival in February 2020. It also won the Best Wisconsin Feature Award. Some sources reveal that the film will be available all over the globe for purchase or rental on Amazon Prime Video.

    How did Fritz get an inspiration to make Survival Guide? Was it a good experience?

    Fritz returned to Madison from Los Angeles to be near his closed ones. He revealed that he wanted to capture the spirit and shoot a film he had making films while growing up. He also wanted to challenge and work with animals or kids. He said that one doesn’t need a celebrity if they have a bunch of young people. Kids bring out the magic.

    He also revealed that he tried making movies in Monona when he was just eleven. He use to love films like Stand By Me and Goonies that mostly follows around kids. He decided to drop this first feature film as an experiment after creating 2 web series such as The Ethical Slut and Cynthia Watros Gets Lost.

    He also served as a producer in a film named Aquarians. He kept his budget very low, which as around $20,000. He said that he has always been fascinated by how one can create something out of nothing if they really know what they are doing.

    In the behind-the-scenes interview, he said that while shooting the film, it felt like they were at a camp. He also said that it was a great experience to work with kids. Moreover, the kids have never worked in a film before, and they didn’t know that it takes a lot of time while filming a movie.

    Survival Guide Cast and Production

    Survival Guide Cast and Production

    Ben Fritz found the young kids Zoie Smallman, Luka Simpson, Guidry Ridge, Elijah Edwards, Fatou Fofana, and Bodhi Kauss through some connections in the Madison theater community. The most known face in the cast was Colleen Madden, who is a core member of the American Players Theatre.

    He played the role of Janice in Survival Guide. The film was shot for fourteen days in the Driftless region from Baraboo Hills to Governor Dodge State Park to the Wisconsin River in 2017. Their daily shooting schedule was around eight hours.


    Let’s see whether the audience likes this thriller-horror film or not. Although the film doesn’t look cheap as it has an amazing cast, some breathtaking locations in Wisconsin, and CGI visual effects. We will have to wait for a while to check out the reviews from the viewers.

    Revisit our blog soon for the latest news about Survival Guide.

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