Australian Open: Reigning Champion Naomi Osaka has been defeated by the rising star Coco Gauff.


Little History about who is Coco Gauff:

Cori “Coco” Gauf is a 15-year-old young and talented American tennis player, who has many accolades on her name at this young age like as follows:

  1. The youngest player to be ranked in top 100 by the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association)
  2. In Singles, her career-high ranking is No. 49 in the world.
  3. In Double, her career-high ranking is No. 42 in the world.
  4. In 2019 Linz Open, Coco won her first Women’s Tennis Association title, which made her the youngest single titleholder since 2004 on WTA tour
  5. Coco has also won WTA doubles title with Caty McNally (fellow teenager)
  6. In 2019 Wimbledon, Coco came to much of highlight after winning over Venus Williams in just the opening round.

Why is she so special and the youngest to beat the biggest stars of Tennis:

Coco was born on March 13th 2014 to an athletic family with NCAA Division I collegiate backgrounds in basketball and track and field. Which eventually set her path and career in sports. As a child, she had experimented with various sports. As she was very much inspired by Williams sisters and individualist sports, she joined Tennis. She quickly progresses in it and earned a sponsorship to train at Patrick Mouratoglou’s academy in France. She later became a runnerup at the Junior 2017 US open ar just the age of 13, making her the tournament’s youngest finalist. After this, she has won many events in a series and hence she is so special now.

Now, this rising star Coco has defeated the No. 3 seeded Naomi Osaka on the same court when Naomi had won the title last year for the Australian Open.

The final match was only for an hour with lacking any real tension on the field, and the final score was 6-3, 6-4. Considering the stature of the title, this final match was the most-awaited and anticipated battle between the finalists which ended so quickly and smoothly for Coco that no one was expecting.

Match Highlights:

Coco was all set to conquer all the remaining fighting spirit in Naomi. The final deciding point was a typical style closer for Coco. She narrowed her eyes went on her back foot and shotted a hard-spinning service to her now frustrated opponent who could not get any time to bounce back in the entire game.

After a short rally, Coco changed to send the ball low, which skidded a bit and fastball his the forehead of Naomi. It caused her to flub her return and the ball touched the nets, making it a clean 6-3, 6-4 win in Australian Open for Coco.

To Conclude:

Coco is already a star just like her parents due to the right conditioning at a very young age, she has got the grit, talent, and support to reach higher goals.

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