Astronomers Found Possible Hints of Life on Venus as Phosphine Gas is Discovered in the Clouds


On Monday, few astronomers have have announce that traces of a very rare substance called Phosphine has been found in the hugely acidic  atmosphere of the Venus, which is also known as Hellish. And this fact leaves the evidences of the possibilities of life on Venus. Phosphine molecules being found in Earth can be the reasons of human industry or the reaction of microbes that prosper in oxygen free environment.

Why Does Life on Venus Sounds so Appropriate?

Scientists are not claiming that they have already found life on Venus but the close observations are suggesting the existence of the microbial activity in the upper layers of the Venus’ which is Hellish, well apart from the inhospitable atmosphere of this planet.

Jane Greaves a professor at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom and lead author of a report published in “nature anatomy” said, they have detected phosphine gas, a very rare

substance is found in the upper clouds of our neighboring planet Venus. And the reason behind their excitement is that, the phosphine gas get produced because of the microorganisms that lives in the Earths’ oxygen-free environment. So there is a huge chance of living organisms being detected in the clouds of  Venus. Although the whole team said, a lot more study is required for ensuring the claim of life on Venus and its gonna be a extraordinary research.

William Bains, a researcher at MIT said, in order to ensure this extraordinary claim that there might be life on venus, they need to disciplined everything out. That is why they are cautious about saying that they are not claiming there is life but at the same time also claiming that there might be something unknown that can be life.

A fellow MIT scientist Sara Seager said, the existence of phosphine gas on venus is a complete misery. This gas can be produced throughout some non-biological process in Venus. But such tiny amount of microbial activity is not enough to assure the presence of life. So they are left with an enticing possibility that there might be some formations of life existing on the Venus’ Cloud.

Early Researches Made on Venus

Apart from Earth, Mars have been considered as the best candidate of the solar system that can have microbial activity, having the outer layers of methane on it in present time or in the distant past. NASA, ISRO, European space agency, china, United Arab Emirates all are recruiting the exploration to the red planet in different formations.

But while talking about Venus, green house effect occurs here including a thick layer of carbon dioxide that traps sunlight and produces over temperature of 900 degrees at the surface area, which is enough to melt Lead. But in the planet’s upper area, temperature is pretty decent and the conditions are hospitable. in spite of having the acidic nature of the clouds, scientists have uttered that there are possibilities of alien microbes to be existed.

it has been said by Greaves that a long-standing theory that shows small living particles can gorw in the higher clouds of Venus. Though the conditions are not so very good because of the extremely acidic and windy nature of that area. But if we talk about the surface which is around 50 to 60 kilometres upwards; the pressure is kind of same as compared to earth and the temperature is also decent, around 85 Fahrenheit. So it has been ex-cogitated that this going to be a living habitat in future.


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