Apple iPhone 12, Amazing Specs & Features Announced!

Apple has always been a brand that gave all that the users have craved for, and here is its latest release, iPhone 12! Recently, Apple has released two new smart phones that have made the users crazy and everyone seems to be eager about knowing about all that the device has! The iPhone XII and iPhone XII mini are the two mainstream flagship iPhones from the brand, Apple for the year 2020. It comes in a 6.1-inch and 5.4-inch sizes. The best part is that both the devices have got identical features.
iphone 12
In fact, both the models are having a support for faster 5G cellular networks, along with the other features such as OLED displays, improved cameras, along with that of Apple’s latest A14 chip. Besides, it has got a completely refreshed design.


  • It comes with a new and sleek design
  • It would be available in 2 variants, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini in 6.1 and 5.4-inch sizes respectively
  • It offers a 5G support
  • OLED displays with Ceramic Shield
  • Dual-lens camera is what you would be expecting out of it
  • A14 chip is yet another significant feature that you would be getting
  • It is featured at a $699/$799 starting price

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini

Apple did release these two models on October 13, 2020. It did introduce its newest flagship iPhones, the iPhone XII and iPhone XII mini, that comes with powerful features at an affordable price tag. Alongside the expensive iPhone XII Pro and iPhone XII Pro Max, you can expect the iPhone XII and XII mini for anyone.
The iPhone XII, the one that is 6.1 inches in size is just a successor of the iPhone 11 but the iPhone mini doesn’t make any compromise except the size in terms of features from its big brother. Certainly, Apple has improved quite a lot in respect to the display, processor speed, camera quality, and all other features which the users are definitely going to love this time!
iphone 12
Ben Wood, of the tech consultancy CCS Insight revealed, “The big news for me is the iPhone 12 Mini.” He further added on to it saying, “After years of phones getting progressively bigger, Apple is reversing the trend by offering a flagship product in a smaller package. I think it’ll be a hugely popular move. Where Apple goes, others follow, and I expect all rivals to make similar moves over the next 12 months. The fact that the iPhone 12 Mini also supports 5G is a further advantage. Apple’s positioning of the device as the ‘smallest, thinnest and lightest 5G phone in the world’ will undoubtedly grab headlines.”

Features revealed in the iPhones 12


MagSafe feature is meant by Apple to minimize the hassle of wireless charging. The iPhone comprises of magnets at the back which helps the users to charge the device at ease, thereby allowing new cases to clip on to it.


This glass technology involves a temperature crystallisation attribute that helps the nano ceramic crystals to develop within the glass matrix. Apple stated that this particular feature is introduced to lower the smashability of the screen. It further stated that this feature helps in enhancing the screen potential of the device by four times.


This particular technology helps the users to measure distance even while they are in low light locations, thereby accelerating the auto focus on the cameras.


This assures faster download speed which is going to work really amazing. It is going to increase the capacity of the device to access the internet really fast particularly when the world is upgrading itself from 4G to 5G compatibility factor.

No provision for earbuds or power adapter

As earlier mentioned that the main motto of this newer model of Apple iPhone 12 is to ensure that there is no earbuds or power adapter. Certainly, this is going to work great with Apple this time.
Hope this piece of information had been really helpful to you. Go and grab an iPhone 12, and in case, you have a little tight budget this time, I would rather recommend you to go for the iPhone 12 mini which is nothing but a smaller and cheaper version of the same flagship version, iPhone 12.
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