Antonio Brown, Agrees to deal with Bucs for 1 year

Recently, Antonio Brown, the suspended receiver has given his consent to get back to the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has signed up a 1 year deal. The spokesperson has spoken to The Associated Press on a condition of anonymity on this Saturday as the contract is still not complete. There has been an addition of the volatile 7 time Pro Bowl selection bolsters will make a formidable arsenal for the playmakers for Tom Brady.
antonio brown
Antonio Brown is currently at the ending of an eight game suspension wherein he seemed to be violating the personal conduct penalty of the league. He has been eligible to return in the 9th week when the first place Bucs (4-2) is going to host the NFC South Rival New Orleans Saints.

Latest high profile addition, Antonio Brown with Tampa Bay

Antonio Brown is currently of 32 years, and he is the latest high profile addition who signed a consent Tampa Bay in a free agency in 2020 post a historic 20 season run including a 9 Super Bowl appearances in New England. He even won 6 titles. Besides, the tight end Rob Gronkowski, along with LeSean McCoy and Leonard Fournette have even joined the Brady in Tampa Bay. This has not made the playoffs since the year 2007. Brown seemed to be reuniting once again with the quarterback which is 43 years old after he played 1 game with Brady at a brief stint with the Patriots in the month of September, 2019.

Antonio Brown with career receptions

Brown basically had 841 career receptions for 11,263 yards along with 75 touchdowns in 131 regular season games. Besides, he had 104 catches in respect to 11,263 yards along with a league leading of 15 TDs in the year 2018, which happened to be his last year with the Steelers. Tyler Johnson was the top receiver of Brady against the Chicago Bears and he would never have completed a pass before Week 5. It is clearly evident that Bucs would not only make the postseason but at the same time, he would also make a run at a Super Bowl with Brady and then they got to know that their window is tight. They seemed as if they are waiting for reinforcements at a position that was hit hard by the injuries.
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