Anna Duggar Makeover Leaves Fans Stunned and Curious: Is She Planning to Leave Josh?


    Netizens are talking about the huge makeover of Anna Duggar. People are asking only one question, which many had stopped considering years ago. And the question is will Anna finally leave her awful husband Josh Duggar for good?

    Currently, Anna has not revealed anything to the media, which can make her fans believe that she is truly leaving her husband.

    Continue reading to find more details about Anna Duggar.

    Fans are stunned by Anna Duggar’s new makeover

    After seeing her makeover, fans are curious to find out whether she is leaving her husband or not. Netizens are storming the internet with only one question which can only be answered by Anna. We don’t think she is considering that option.

    But there is a saying that action speaks louder than words. Currently, filmed by our frenemies at Soapdish, these days she has been updating her fans about a new eyelash product, which she uses daily. Besides, her hair also seems to be a bit different from her real color. The light color is very noticeable to fans.

    Anna Duggar Makeover Leaves Fans Stunned and Curious: Is She Planning to Leave Josh?
    Anna Duggar Makeover Leaves Fans Stunned and Curious: Is She Planning to Leave Josh?


    Some of them even think that she has either undergone keratin treatment to straighten her hair or perhaps got highlights. You can check out her glow up in the video clip below.

    You can see the difference in her before and after pictures. She looked totally different when she appeared back in the show of Counting On.

    Some fans also said that the pictures from the video look like two different individuals.

    Is she tired of her old look? Is she planning to leave her husband and start a new life as a new self? Has she changed her former look to freshen things up? People always do this kind of stuff when they are over something or want to become the new version of themselves. T

    here are plenty of reasons, but for Anna, we believe she was sick of her old self.

    Some people believe that women do makeover because they are getting ready to leave their husband or boyfriend. All this makes sense, right?

    So Anna must be getting herself dolled up once again to enter into the dating world. And for that, she wants to look best inside and out.

    We don’t have to explain to you why she would want to leave her pathetic husband and end their marriage. She was stuck by his side since Josh confessed that he molested many young girls when he was a teenager. It also includes his two sisters.

    Aside from this, he also admitted that he had multiple affairs with unknown women he used to meet on the adultery website Ashley Madison.

    These things happened and Anna was still by his husband’s side. Also, in November, she gave birth to their 6th kid, a daughter named Maryella. A few days back, Anna also updated her fans about her newborn daughter. She acknowledged that it was very late and said that Maryella Hope Duggar is eight months old.

    It could be a green light that she has been busy doing a makeover and planning to end her marriage.


    Sources reveal that Anna is pregnant with her 7th child. Fans are saying that she should head out and leave the wicked family rather than giving birth to more kids. Some people are saying that she is really strong to stay after what happened in the past. But we believe that they might be wrong. Come back soon for more updates about Anna Duggar.

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