Amy Coney Barrett is the First Choice of Trump for Supreme Court


It sounds like, president Trump is going to nominate Amy Coney to the very new supreme court justice, According to some senior republican sources with information of the process.

Some important conversation with senior republican allies and the information provided by the multiple sources are indicating that white house is preparing to nominate Amy Coney Barrett as the new supreme court justice. She is a federal appellate judge and Notre Dame law professor.

Amy Coney Barrett

All the informative sources have given the caution that, it is still not clear that who is going to be nominated until it is announced by the president. There is always a huge possibility of president to make a last minute change. But the expectation says Barrett is the only choice. Trump is going to announce the final news of the nomination on Saturday afternoon.

Is Amy Coney Going to be the Next Supreme Court Justice?

Various sources are saying that, since Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, Barrett has became the leading choice throughout the week. It is rumored that she is the only potential nominee who have met president trump in person. One of the sources are saying that Trump was bit familiar to Barrett already and he knows her since she was a potential contender of supreme court when there was a vacancy and Trump chose Justice Brett Kavanaugh instead of her.

Barrett was seen at her house on Friday which is in South Bend, Indiana. But is not sure, she has informed that she is going to be the choice. But it is often seen to maintain secrecy about the news until the date of announcement come closer.

What Actually Happened in the 2017 Nominations of Amy Coney Barrett?

If we look around the previous announcements, there would be different strategies planned by the white house in case the president make his mind to switch to an another candidate. But this time it would be so much surprising if the president make some change because the high allies are already very eager to reveal the news.

Barrett might be the plan since a long time as she is the most distinguished and dignified by the traditional means. and she is the strongest among them who have contributed their lives to the court. She will dedicate more to the jurisprudence in the years and decades to come. This information belongs to a senior administrative official who is familiar with the process.

Barrett was born on 1972 in New Orleans and became a law graduate from Notre Dame. Barrett started her professional career by practicing in private sector and then settled her career being a permanent law professor in Notre Dame in 2002. She is now a mother of seven children and 48 years old. She have covered her new job of judgeship on the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals, that mostly covers Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin in 2017.

Several Advocates on the right have supported Barrett for the possibilities of her nominations because of her faith on writings and the law. Religious rightists were especially exited for Barrett during her 2017 endorsement, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein from California have sated on the behalf of Barrett that Dogmatism lives inside her very much loudly. Most of the Barrett supporters admitted that her nominee in 2017 was being despised, because of her Catholicism.

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