Amulet’ on VOD, a Horror Movie with Dark Secrets and Creepy Vibes


    Have you watched the new British horror film named Amulet yet? If not then, you are missing an extraordinary film. The film initially launched on July 24, 2020, in the USA.

    Without further ado let’s jump right into the details of the film.

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    Is Amulet a Yay or Nay?

    The plot follows around Tomaz, who is a homeless ex-soldier in London. One day, after his retirement, he is given a place to stay by a young woman, who lives at a decaying house situated in creepy woods with her sick mother.

    As soon as he sets his foot in the house, he begins to feel something is wrong. One night he digs into the soil and finds an amulet, a feminine figure.

    He frequently hears moaning sounds, which makes him think the old lady might be a zombie.

    She deliberately tries to hurt herself, and that is why all power supply has been turned off in the house.


    The story begins at a slow pace, but it still keeps the audience hooked to the screen.

    Moreover, the mystery and atmosphere are kept under control. The story gives creepy vibes throughout the film.

    There are also some flashbacks in the film, where Tomaz is on duty at a security checkpoint during the war. The story goes back and forth into the present and the past, which reveals how he discovered the amulet. Slowly, the plot fills in the details about him that shows he has some dark secrets too.

    As the film progresses, Tomaz begins to like the company of Magda, even though he knows he should run away from the troublesome situation.

    The plot takes a sinister turn with time. Besides, Tomaz also unravels disturbing horrific images while renovating the home. He finds a bat that looks more like a fetus. In the final twenty minutes of the slow-burn film, it adds terror, trippy imagery, and nightmarish visuals. However, these things have nothing to do with the dying lady upstairs.

    Amulet has the best endings, which will surely make you stunned by its thrill and horror scenes. So it’s a complete Yay from our side. Amulet, by far, is one of the best works of Romola Garai in 2020.

    This masterpiece is a must-watch for all the horror and thriller film lovers. So hurry up and watch the film now with your friends and family.

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