AEW has bought Domain of WWE


AEW is the First pro Wrestling company. It is very unlikely that WWE and AEW will ever work together. AEW knows more things about the history of professional wrestling as well as the ancient image.

WWE probably is yet to realize that they are right now promoting AEW address whenever they flash the Right to censor’s old domain name in the screens. It seems that is now officially directly linked with AEW’s network.

It is very difficult to judge that how two rival companies can buy domain address of that is very close to their competition. This seems to be a new trick of AEW to get more people to their site. It is a very generous idea to create lots of traffics to their website.

Both AEW and WWE has denied multiple times on multiple occasions they are not in any competition. Though there are lots of war of words happening between both the parties. They never stopped commenting on each other especially on Wednesday shows.

If we see they almost cater to similar components and almost similar fanbase. After all, these why AEW would require buying an old domain of WWE. It is very uncommon for them.

Now it forced us to believe that it could be a trick of fan who had literally the time and even the money to buy the old domain name. You can check the page as well given below.

We will have to wait till we get to know who actually did it. AEW or a fan?

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