Aew and the Entire Wrestling World Would Mourn the Passing of Wrestling Legend James Kamala Harris.


James Harris was a Professional WWF wrestler, famously known as Kamala. AEW and the whole wrestling world are mourning for the loss of legend James Harris now. On 5th August he was tested positive for Covid-19 and his treatment was started in the hospital immediately. He had already suffered a lot during complications during 2017 where he was under intensive care. On 9th August he died due to cardiac arrest and it happened due to his 70 years of age and diabetes.

Something To Remember Him:

The Famous Wrestler James Harris was known in the ring as “Sugar Bear” when joined the wrestling world. Later on, the Wrestler was named as “Kamala” which means Ugandan Giant. His appearance in the ring was very unique. He used to paint his face as an African mask and carry spear and shield in the ring during his appearances. Even he wears a loincloth and stay barefoot in the ring. His appearance made him famous in the World Wrestling Federation (WWE). He was in WWE is 1984 and in-between 2004-2006.

James Harris has had a very complicated life. After his father was shot dead, he managed to survive which eventually made him earn on his own. And hence he joined wrestling as a full-time career. Yes, he was very successful in his career. In 2011 due to High BP and diabetes, his left leg has been amputated and in 2012 his right leg was also amputated. He was having the same condition during 1992-1993 which forced him to retire early. In 2017, he went for an emergency surgery where he was in life support for some duration. He has faced so much in so short period in life.

James Harris’s name will be remembered by his fans for the all good deeds and amazing fights he had put on display while he was a pro wrestler. With the frightful mask, 6-foot 7-inch height, 380 Pound weighted wrestler has fought with greatest superstars like Hulk Hogan, Undertaker and Andre the Giant. May his soul rest in peace.

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