9 Best smartphones with best battery life

What do you usually look for before purchasing a smartphone? Isn’t it the camera, the RAM, and the smartphones with best battery life? Yeah, I am sure that you do just the same as most of us! Well, in today’s busy schedule when we are compelled to spend most of the time outside, it’s really tough to find a plug point every time to charge our phones. Besides, be it using the Google Map to navigate, or WhatsApp to keep a track of the official groups, there’s hardly a step that we can go without a smartphone.
smartphones with best battery
Thus, I decided to list the currently available smartphones in the market, and I would be mentioning the ones that would help you eradicate your trouble of dealing with smartphones that end up running short of battery every now and then.

One Plus 8 and One Plus 8 Pro (12 GB RAM – ₹ 49,999, ₹ 59,999) – smartphones with best battery

one plus 8 pro

Certainly, this flagship model is one of the best deals for the ones who have got a good budget, and even if you don’t, I will be listing different other models down right here that fits every price range. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC. Recently, a HD video loop test was conducted to see the battery life, and both the models ran smoothly for around 22 hours. One Plus 8 has a 4300 mAh battery and the One Plus 8 Pro comes with with 4510 mAh battery and both the devices support a 30 T fast charging provision.

Realme X3 SuperZoom (12 GB RAM – ₹ 32,999)

realme x3

Realme X3 SuperZoom also went through a loop test, and it did run successfully for an overall span for 21 hours and 42 minites with a 4200 mAh battery. It is one of the smartphones with best battery and comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ SoC as well as a full HD + 120 Hz LCD display and a 30 W Dart Charge technology. If you do not mind spending somewhere around 30 thousand bucks for your new phone, go for this one!

Samsung Galaxy M 51 (8 GB RAM – ₹ 26,999)

samsung galaxy m51

This is one of the best ‘value for money’ deals in the market. Just like the above mentioned smart phones, we did conduct a similar HD video loop test with this device as well, and the battery ran for 32 hours at a stretch. This comes with a 7,000 mAh battery with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 G SoC and a 6.7 inch super Amoled display with a 25 W fast charging option that is simply amazing!

Realme 7 and Realme 7 Pro (6GB RAM – ₹ 19,999/ 8GB RAM – ₹ 21,999) – smartphones with best battery


The Realme 7 and Realme 7 Pro both have got impressive battery lives that will last for more than 24 hours. The Realme 7 comes with a 5000 mAh battery life that can go for a day without charging and has a 30 W fast charging, while the Realme 7 Pro has got a 4500 mAh battery that would last for a little more than 22 hours, but it has got a 65 W fast charger bundled along with in the box.

Samsung Galaxy M 31 S (6 GB RAM – ₹ 19,499)

samsung galaxy m 31

It is one of the smartphones with best battery and it comes with Exynos 9611 SoC, and has got a 6000 mAh battery life. We did a video loop test and we were surprised to see that the phone’s battery lasted for a little more than 24 hours without any issue. It is one of the smartphones with best battery life, and comes with a 25 W charger in the box and the price along with the brand is something that you can definitely trust upon.

Realme Narzo 10 (₹ 11,999)

realme narzo

If you have got a budget that is capped at a price of ₹ 12,000, Realme Narzo 10 is one of the smartphones with best battery that you would love to go for! Another astounding fact about this particular phone is that it comes with a MediaTek Helio G80 SoC which is meant specifically for the gamers. It has got a powerful graphics with a 4 GB RAM and a 128 GB storage, a 6.5 inch display with a HD+ 720 * 1600 pixel resolution. It has got a 5000 mAh battery and a 18 W fast charging adapter which is going to be a budget friendly deal for anyone!

Realme C 15 (₹ 15,000)

realme c15

This is yet another superb deal for anyone looking for smartphones with best battery who wants to go for a sturdy smart phone. It is said to come with a fire rssitant and splash resistant back cover. It is quite fast a device and has got a really good graphics. It comes with a 6000 mAh battery which can go for more than a day in a single charge. It lasted for 32 hours when we did the loop test with it. The camera quality of this device is quite decent!

Realme C 12 (₹ 9000)

The Realme C 12 comes with a 6000 mAh battery life which has got a pretty decent image quality and the camera is good enough as well. It can last for approximately 24 hours at a stretch and is definitely a ‘value for money’ product if your budget is capped at ₹ 10,000. However, the only downside of this device as reported so far is that it takes a little longer to charge for it doesn’t have a fast charging adapter, and it is not going to work even if you connect it to a high wattage charger.

Redmi 9 (4 GB RAM – ₹ 8999)

realme c12

Redmi phones have been doing really well in the market ever since it was launched, and this Redmi 9 is yet another model among smartphones with best battery with a pretty decent battery life at an affordable price. It comes with an Octa core Helio G35 processor and a 5000 mAh battery which is going to go good for quite a long span without requiring you to charge. It is definitely a value for money product and if you do not want to go for the flagship models, and want something that is not burning a hole in your pocket, go and grab it!

Smartphones with best battery: Always a preferred option for buyers

These were some of the smartphones with best battery life. All of the afore-mentioned devices are doing currently amazing in the market, and I have segregated them according to their varied price ranges. Each one of them would be a “deal for value” product, so you may choose any of the trending ones according to your own preference, and certainly, neither of them would allow you to complain about battery life. Hope you found the listicle useful. Happy shopping!
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