6 Best Apple Watch Settings You Should Know in 2020


There is no doubt that Apple has drew the using experience of a smartphone into a different level, the Apple watch has done the job more easier. Apple watch is a part of smartwatch that helps you to get the ability for running several apps and managing notification directly from your mobile phone. Apple watch now have became a part of a fitness device too; so that it can track your heart rate, blood pressure, footsteps, workouts and with the release of WatchOS 7 it can also track your sleep now.

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While having so much of stunning features and abilities inside the Apple Watch, one might come up with a question that why there is so much unnecessary apps installed in the watch and why does Siri keep randomly talking to the user?

It does not matter which apple watch you are using right now whether it can be Apple watch series 6 or the Apple watch SE, you will be happy to hear that now you are able to prevent camera roll form taking unnecessary screenshots and applications being installed automatically. Here’s How to do it.

 Adjust Activity Goals on your Apple Watch

with release of WatchOS 7, apple have added a feature that lets you change your goals for a exact amount of time you spend for doing exercises. Previously you could only be able to set your goal for initial calorie count. So instead of going with the defaults like 30 minutes of exercise or 12 hours of cumulative standing for day you can either go for one to set your proper daily routine.

These little changes actually allows you to go after your targets whenever you feel to do so, not when apple tells you to. suppose, you have been using sleep tracking overnight on your watch and in the morning you feel like you have to charge your watch but now you won’t feel like you have lost one hour doing stuff like charging.

Simply open the activity app on your watch and head towards the option called edit goals and then make adjustments as per your daily routine and pushing off all the harassments.

Stop Taking Random Screenshots

Taking screenshots on your smartwatch is such a convenient way to save time and it’s funny too. You have to press the digital crown and the side button at the same to take a screenshot from your apple watch. It’s a very simple and convenient method, isn’t it? unless you end up frequently pressing these buttons accidentally and filling your gallery space with random screenshots of your watch face.

If you are trying the solution to turn it off then don’t worry here’s how to it. First open the settings option or use the watch app on your watch and then head to the general option. After doing this scroll down until you find the option called enable screenshots, then simply turn it off and return to the clutter free camera roll.

Stop Unnecessary Apps Being Installed on Your watch

Each and every time whenever you install an app on your Iphone, a counter part of that app gets automatically installed on your watch too if there’s an counter app available. Sometimes it becomes really embarrassing when your display gird fills up with unwanted applications and create troubles to find out the apps you need.

either on your iphone or watch just open the settings and then tap on the general. After that simply go next to the automatic app install option to off it.

Before going forward it is required to inform you that you can install individual apps from your watch too. And for that you have to open the watch app on your watch then scroll down to the bottom and you will find a bunch of apps available.

How to Easily Find Your Apps

At a first glance the honeycomb app gird really suits in promoting photos in apple watch. But it can be very difficult for you to launch the app you want, if you have so many apps installed particularly on your watch. Instead of using the gird you can go for an another way that displays all the applications in alphabetic manner.

For getting the apps alphabetically go to the watch app on your iphone or open the settings on your watch. Then tap on the app view and select the list view option. Now if you press the Digital Crown to goes off from your watch face you will see all your apps embellished alphabetically and you will be able to find the app you need.

How to Control Siri?

There are three different methods available to activate the Siri on your watch. You have to bring your wrist closer to your face and start talking, long press the digital crown button or wake up the Siri by saying “Hey, Siri.”

Most the time it is seen that, some of the users get annoyed when they accidentally trigger Siri while checking time, notification or talking to someone else and the watch thinks user is talking to Siri. This is really embarrassing but don’t worry this problem is fixable.

Either on the settings on your watch or the watch app on your iphone go to the option called Siri and there will be three different options available to control when you will activate the Siri. Switch each button to the off position which you think you don’t want to use.

Rearrange the Control Center

All of the apple users have control centers on their Iphone. Control center on the appl watch is the place where you go to adjust the small settings like Do not disturb, airplane mode and switch on flashlight.

To Simply access the control center on your watch just swipe up your watch screen from the bottom of your watch face. Or while using an app just long-press the bottom part of your screen and when the control center is opting to appear just slide it up with your finger. The same trick is also used to check out the notifications of from anywhere.

To hide some buttons or change the order of the buttons in the control center, tap on the Edit button at the bottom of the list that appeared. The icons on the control center will begin to jiggle and show a red minus sign. Drag and drop the icons continuously into your preferred manner and tap the red minus button to remove the icons from the control center altogether.

After ending up doing this press the done button or the digital crown button on the side of your watch to go back to the watch face.





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