31st Aug 2020 will the set deadline to sell the Club Wigan Athletic according to the administrators, else they will not be able to start the season.


As per the latest comments from Latics’ administrator, Wigan Athletic club will not be able to start the new season if it is not sold till 31st Aug this year. There are 4 parties who are up for the fight of buying it, but if they do not reach a conclusion soon, they all will be responsible for the fate of the team and for the fixture’s fulfillment.

As the English Premier League is all due to begin on 12th September and there is still confusion on the club’s ownership. If it continues, Administrators might have to push the start of the League a week later. However, they seem to be optimistic about the bidders to get the process through.

Wigan’s relegation:

Last week, Wigan were officially relegated after losing an appeal against a deduction of 12-points.

An independent arbitration panel has ruled against the Latics on there appeal against the punishment on the grounds of ‘Force Majeure’.

As per the club’s confirmation, all the wages have been paid till 31st July for all the staff and playing squad.


  •  Latics has received an advance to buy next season’s first-team kit by the supporters of Wigan Club.
  • Chey Dunkley has joined Sheffield on Wednesday, becoming the first player leaving the squad of Wigan after there relegation.
  • Later on Thursday, Kieffer Moors has joined Cardiff City, as the club needs to be financially stable by selling the players before they are sold to a final bidder of the club.

So as you can judge by now that the situation of Wigan’s is not good and COVID-19 is also causing some trouble of getting the final deal done. If the deal does not pass through till 31st, Administrators may have to push the League dates a week further. That’s why it is so important for all the associated parties to make this deal happen anyhow before the ultimatum ends.

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