The government has made the Arogya Setu App mandatory

All countries are using technology in the fight against the corona virus. While drones are transporting medical goods in a country, robots are helping doctors in a country. At this time it has become necessary for all countries to track the infection of corona. For this, all countries are using different contact tracking apps. The Government of India has launched the Arogya Setu App to track the corona infection which has been downloaded over 80 million times in just 20 days.

The lockdown 3.0 has been announced by the Ministry of Home Affairs which will be effective from May 4 and will continue till May 17. With Lockdown 3.0, the Arogya Setu app has been made mandatory for public spaces, private sector employees and for the Containment Zone. Let us understand how effective the Arogya Setu app is in the fight against Corona and how much it helps the government in preventing infection?

Arogya Setu App is a contact tracking app that works on the basis of GPS and Bluetooth. With the help of these two technologies, the location of users is tracked. Talking about how Arogya Setu works, it alerts people based on Bluetooth and GPS. Try to understand as an example, if your phone has Arogya Setu App and you go to some area where corona infection has already been detected, then Arogya Setu app will alert you.

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