101% voter turnout: How many registered voters in Wisconsin?

Recently, on Wednesday, a question was raised, “How many registered voters in Wisconsin?” and the people took to the social media in various places in order to allege that Wisconsin had seen more votes cast than the population which is registered to vote. Even a tweet has made a claim of the fact the state has recorded a voter turnout of 101%. Besides, there was another tweet that revealed that more than 111,000 extra votes were cast which was beyond the number registered for the voters. However, the latter post has been deleted from the social media handle.
How many registered voters in Wisconsin
Also, that one post has garnered thousands of retweets in just an hour’s time, which eventually had made a jump to Facebook where the post was shared quite a good number of times. Indeed, this fact is impossible as the residents who are not registered to vote are no way eligible to cast a ballot. Wisconsin is one of the 19 states along with that of the District of Columbia which allows the same day voter registration. Certainly, it depicts that the correct comparison is about the eligible voters and not just about the registered ones.

Population of Wisconsin as per registered voters – How many registered voters in Wisconsin?

Population for registered voters vs Wisconsin votes being cast has raised a phenomenal debate among one and all. The population turning out across the state topped 3.2 million as per a journal’s report out there which revealed that the majority of the votes that were ever cast in a Wisconsin election was this one with a minimum of 71% of the state voting age adults casting the ballots. The Wisconsin election commission explained this matter saying that the registration numbers reported by different countries might be off due to same day voter registration. The commission further tweeted that there can never be more number of ballots than that of the registered voters.

How many registered voters in Wisconsin? – Full story

The Wisconsin state has always favour the Democratic presidential candidate since the past three decades until the Republican Donald Trump came up in the year 2016 when he defeated the Democrat Hillary Clinton by a total of 30,000 votes. However, this year in the 2020, Donald Trump was defeated by the former Vice President, Joe Biden who became the winner on 4th of November, with a rough count of 20,000 votes. Since then, the state has become a battleground and the Trump campaign announced that it is going to seek a recount for the same. Bill Stepien, the campaign manager for Trump said, “[t]he President is well within the threshold to request a recount and we will immediately do so.” We all are now eagerly waiting for the decisions to be out as a lot of influences and comments are being made on the social media but no one knows the hidden truth though!
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