10 Reasons you need an eCommerce Mobile App for your Business


Nowadays, we have got an app almost for everything, and today we are going to talk it about an eCommerce app! Before we dive deep, do you know that “App” actually stands for “Application,” and it was crowned as the ‘Word of the Year’ in 2010 by the American Dialect Society?

App is a string emblem of the digital footprint of a company, and that’s when app development becomes so very important for any organization. Applications offer smooth user experience in a small, and lightweight package – something for which we are so fond of them! From taking notes across presentations to that of fitness trackers, apps cover them all. Mobile apps are very common and a large mass tends to use them on a daily basis for a prolonged period of time. So, when we talk about apps, one of those varieties that we cannot probably skip out anyway is none other than “ecommerce mobile app.” 


Ecommerce apps like Flipkart and Amazon are the major two giants in driving online commerce, and when we talk about them, we also keep in mind whether or not they are user-friendly to the probable customers, who can potentially get converted to the real ones very soon. Isn’t it?

Literally, we can go on spending hours on these Ecommerce portals, but did we ever bother to think about the reason we do so? Well, it is only because of the user-friendly interface of these apps that tend to grab our attention and keep us engaged (certainly, the reasonable prices, and often heavily discounted prices attracting the buyers play a significant role too!)

10 Reasons you need an eCommerce mobile app for your business:

If you want to stand out of the crowd, the first thing to step forward is to kick-start your e-trading ideology today itself. Delivering quality products or services is not just the only thing herein! Having a renovated brick-and-mortar store is not just enough, and if you still think that you have gathered quite a lot of customers, you are probably suppressing your own potentiality. Trust me, there is a lot more beyond the horizon. An online presence is a mandate to catch hold of the mobile-first users, and ignoring it is going to pull you back!

Get a competitive edge 

An Ecommerce mobile app, being compact in size and is also not going to eat away a lot of the users’ storage space – the reasons for which a probable customer would not mind installing it in their devices. Hence, from the perspective of a business house, you can just go around and showcase your itineraries, and the buyers can easily place an order from there. This is going to make you stand apart from the other sellers in your category.

Just a finger-tap away from your customers

An E-commerce app development company gets all the credibility for offering personalized service and experience, and when you can already own it, why not do so? By launching an application, you can compress the entire store within the pockets of your consumers. Hence, your chances of capturing the business is much more, for they can easily find you. 

Facilitating the customers with convenience

With an Ecommerce mobile app, you assure your customers with the convenience of exploring your store whenever they feel like! It is undoubtedly one of the biggest attributes of a business that is trying to get hold of personal marketing. Also, when we say “convenience,” we give easy access to our customers to track their orders, as well as, wish list several products for future purchases.

Fast and secure transactions

An E-commerce app facilitates faster services and secure transactions. Now, this is where the role of a custom ecommerce app comes into the show. SMEs and MMEs may opt for such custom made or tailor-made applications that are solely built with the knowledge of the company while keeping its workflow in mind, and are able to offer better security, as well as, ensure secure financial transactions. Moreover, these apps have integrated customer services for addressing the user grievances.

After sales support 

Nowadays, we do not only pay for the product or service we purchase, but we also seem to pay a lot of value to the after-sales service that we get! The same goes for one and all. People prefer going for a brand that provides a good after-sales service. A custom e-commerce app should therefore count the provision of offering assistance to the customers wherein they can connect directly to the seller team without any sort of third party interference. 

Creates brand equity

The main target of a business is to target the right customers, and an app meets this requirement aptly! It serves as a platform for the customers to get hold of a wide array of products or services, something that would take away hours from them if they had to go across local stores. Also, being the seller or the service provider, you can always use this opportunity as a boon to note down your customers’ preferences based on their search volumes, and thus, notify them with the same when you make them available. Of course, you use this feature of an E-commerce app to boost your brand image.

Proper App management relates to better inventory handling

When we say so, we mean it! App management is easier than storing all the user data in one place, and thus, pulling your hair when you have got to manage such a huge library all at once. Ecommerce app development assures you with a hassle free experience wherein you can filter and segregate the categories, searches, and availability much more easily. As a merchant dealing with multiple categories, you always have the privilege to refill your stocks as per the requirements of your customers.

Social sharing features on Ecommerce apps trigger the buzz – A feature to boost visibility

Definitely, one of the most popular features of any e-commerce mobile app is that it comes with the social-sharing feature, which is just a trick to lure the present customers to bring in more customers, and in return, they can probably get coins and thus, redeem them in their upcoming purchases for an additional discount. 

Bring home some additional business through product recommendations

When you go for a custom ecommerce app, make sure that you add this particular feature (Product recommendations) for it is one of the best ways to earn some extra bucks while your customers seem to check-out! Trust me, this works, always!

Simplified transactions and tracking module

With an Ecommerce mobile app, transactions become easier than ever! Your customers can pay you at ease, via any of the apps of their choice. Certainly, this is not just a way wherein you seem to be abiding by the concept of cashless economy, but alongside, you stay assured that you are not allowing any middlemen to eat away the commission. Besides, you provide a privilege to the customers to track their orders, so that they do not have to call you up over and over again. Definitely, this is going to be an added advantage not just for your customer, but for you as a business owner as well.

Wrapping up:

If you are still waiting to figure out whether or not, you should be counting an online presence for your business, it’s high-time when you should be giving it a thought! An Ecommerce App development company will count all your business requirements, as well as, see to the features that you would truly need, including the language preferences (in case you have any, so as to target any region in particular, or may be, you are considering a global reach), help your customers receive alerts about price-drops on their wish-list products, get push notifications, secure payment accesses and more – all intending to extend the reach of your brand. 

In a nutshell, an ecommerce app development is particularly focused to optimize the product searches using AI and ML to get back to the customers with their relevant outputs, something that cannot restrict them from investing (definitely, a plus point for you to generate business), thereby, maximizing the conversion rates.

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