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Leaked Images From Migrant Camps Show Overcrowding And Calls For Help

Leaked Images From Migrant Camps Show Overcrowding And Calls For Help

Authorities investigators have identified poor conditions in another sector of the southern border, publishing graphic images showing extreme overcrowding in Rio Grande Valley migrant amenities and finding that children there didn’t have access to showers and needed to sleep on concrete floors.

Investigators for the Department of Homeland Security who visited border stations within the El Paso, Texas, sector in May discovered comparable situations: migrants being held in temporary services for weeks rather than days, single adults living in standing-room-only cells with no space to lie down, and considerations about severe health dangers.

The investigators for the DHS Office of the Inspector General toured five Border Patrol facilities and two ports of entry in the Rio Grande Valley sector during the week of June 10 and printed their report as a “management alert” to the department on Tuesday.

The Rio Grande Valley of Texas has the highest volume of migrants alongside the USA-Mexico border. On the time of the visits by investigators, Border Patrol was holding 8,000 detainees in custody, with 3,400 being held longer than the 72-hour limit.

One senior supervisor at a facility referred to as the scenario a “ticking time bomb,” in line with the report. When migrants detained in the facilities noticed investigators walking through, they banged on the cell windows and pressed notes towards the plexiglass to show the length of time they’d spent in custody. One stated, “Help. 40 Day Here