Conflict Between NASA And Donald Trump On Moon Project

Conflict Between NASA And Donald Trump On Moon Project

President Donald Trump appeared to drop cold, laborious rain proper on best of NASA’s moon parade remaining week while he tweeted that the company must be excited about Mars and now not communicate such a lot in regards to the moon.

Donald Trump tweeted: -For the entire cash we’re spending, NASA must NOT be speaking on exploring the Moon – this have been completed 50 years in the past. They must target at the so much larger issues we’re doing, together with Mars (of which the Moon is a component).

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine had a possibility to handle the president’s feedback all over the city hall-style collecting with the staff of the Glenn Research Center in Ohio, USA on Monday.

The query got here in by the moderator, who requested if Trump’s tweet signaled a shift within the White House’s support for NASA’s Artemis challenge, which contains returning people to the surface of the moon through 2024.

Trump’s tweet left itself extensive open to interpretation. A few concepts the president mistook the moon for part of Mars, where others suspected he used to be relating to the moon as a leaping-off element for more in-depth human exploration into space. The latter is how Bridenstine is reading it.

“The moon is efficacious as a result of it is a proving ground for learning how to get to Mars,” Bridenstine mentioned. “And that is the reason precisely the case that the president made.”

The Artemis mission remains to be a move so far as Bridenstine and NASA are involved. “Not anything has modified. A few folks have attempted to learn extra into this than there’s,” he stated.